Hard day of work, Hard day of school, what to do?

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Pig out on blackberries of course!  If you have not been to https://https://rollingshoebox.com/ lately, check out all the new features. There is a book store, a list of out favorite companies, links to other blogs like ours, and new stuff being added all the time.

Athena worked hard trying to teach a class today, about half the class seemed to do well, half seemed to try, and a few not so much, and one did nothing but inform her she was a bad teacher. Blatant honesty, unable to accept responsibility, either way, Athena has her work cut out for her.  I sure like computers better than people, when a computer get mouthy, I can hit it with a hammer.

My task of the day is to make a travel guide to the cities we went to over the last year, boy is that a project!  The north coast of Oregon is done, finished the central coast today, and will begin the south coast when I can stand to look at it again.

Holly has had homework into the night every night since school started, but as soon as it was done we escaped the RV and made out way to the black berry bushes and had dessert. They are well irrigated via the sludge ponds; it helps not to think about the water source. Blackberries are a great answer to a hard day.