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August 2, 2011 – Heat

9What to do with Heat. The heat has finally hit central Oregon, but Chris’s air conditioner was not up to the job of cooling the air. So it has been fired, and is being replaced by a Guy from Ark Mobile repair. He never introduced himself, but he does not look like a Noah to me. His truck was not full of animals, just lots of junk, so I am doubting this Ark thing. What we do know is Ark Mobile repair showed up on time, had the right unit, and got the job done quickly and professionally, and we would recommend him for any RV issue. The replacement air conditioner is running great, and our friends are much more comfortable now.  Hopefully we will quit doing so much useful stuff and go see more things soon…

Summer is Here, it is 80 degrees and above every day now!


The air conditioner in the Full Time Families Rig is on Holiday, so all the kids get together in the Rolling Shoe Box.


DJ became bored of music 2

Paper string caught on as the next big thing. DJ seems to have started an imediate FAD.


The Ark has arrived none too soon with a new heat pump for the FTF rig, and none too soon.


The Sun is blazing, but Chris is all over the project. The ARK dude is pulling the A/C unit up the ladder. 5

Pulling was a bit much, now Chris has to do the final push and put it over the top. 6

It is up and no one is dead, so I would say the first success experience of the day has been realized.


The big guy who owns the Ark set the unit in place, hooked it all up, now Chris is cool. What about the rest of the family? 8

They found a use for heat! They are building a blimp from a what appears to be a giant trash bag. I tied to the bag to a bike so they could play with it without it leaving. To make it fly, I filled it loosely full of air conditioned air, then we placed it in the sun, but just how much lift can you get from a solar heated plastic bag at 80 degrees? 9

OOOP! Lots I guess. Next time, maybe they should have some one else tie the lines down. 10

There you have it, solar heated trash can fly. One man’s trash, is another man’s flying machine. All you need to do is add heat, which we have in plenty here at Sunriver.

This thousand Trails is one of the better parks in the system for the kids with lots to do, and plenty of open spaces for the kids to do their own thing.


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Good Evening and Good Night….