Hit the Dusty Trail with the Raymond Family

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// July 11, 2011 – Hit the Dusty Trail with the Raymond Family

Steve and his family met with our family and we converged on the Oregon Trail in Baker City. Fortunately for us, we used SUV’s and only played in the wagons for fun. Weather here too hot for us pretty people, for us it is luxury seating and air conditioning. After leaving the Oregon Trail we visited Pizza Hut, ate them out of house and home, then after a nights sleep visited the mining town of Sumpter where we all learned a new more lucrative trade. (But for who, we are not sure). Sad to Say though Steve had to get back home to Utah so we could play no longer today.  Pictures of today:   Happy 14th Anniversary to my favorite Raymond couple!


Mining for Gold in Sumpter, Or. The lady folk show me how to do it without getting dirty.14 15

Food!!16 1

Sarah keeps busy


We take a walk while Athena does laundry


Sarah finds spiny thing in Pioneer Park, Baker City, Oregon


American cowboy died in 1948. Now y’all farmers.

Sorry to spoil the fun of those in Bandera Texas, but cowboys are now only ghosts, or worse yet farmers. 🙂


We circle our wagons with the Raymond’s at the Oregon interpretive center in Baker City Oregon

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The buggy ride seems to have taken a lot out of Steve’s kids. Maybe he should invest in one of those motor cars, I hear they are not only comfy, but quick too. 10 As for the rest of us, the covered wagon works; and look it’s a convertible too.11 12

Darn dredge made its way from Sumpter to the visitor center in Baker, guess it wanted to be in pictures too.

Good Evening and Good Night….