Holiday Blessings a wonderful blurr

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How I love to hate the Holidays! 

Loath the anticipation of all the hustle and and aggravation, love the time time spent with family visitation. Eat our selves sick, watch our selves grow thick, the days go by lickity split, now it is January and we have to get fit!

Well lets slow down a bit, it is only almost time to get fit, it is my Birthday ( A silly event to commemorate a severe lack of judgement some people had many many years ago… but I’ll take it! Any excuse for a party and gifts is a good one.).

Today, I can gorge my self if I want to, and I will gladly go on a diet next Tuesday. Today, I am fat and dizzy… Take that miss Obama! – I might even be able to find some of those illicit trans-fatty acids that make them donuts so good. If only I could be so lucky. mmm – donuts…

Below are images of a blur we called Christmas..

Holly and Athena got us a tree - Sarah Decorated it
Holly and Athena got us a tree – Sarah Decorated it
Some Anonymous people packed it with awesome gifts. Thanks anonymous persons wish we could thank you in person. What a wonderful act of kindness
We moved the tree and had Christmas number three in the new rig
Head to Darin’s parents in the farmland for Christmas
I wake up in places I don’t even recognize. (Usually my room is one over.) Athena is here, so the company is good.
What a beautiful morning
Christmas day! – Everyone is mighty friendly.
My nephew gets my condolences.. I see my self in him somehow.
My parents, guess Papa is allergic to Mom or I am not so good at photography.
Another Christmas tree. Our fourth Christmas this year! We are getting good at it I hope. – Thanks Mom for another wonderful Holiday presentation.
The day comes to a close and some attempted to walk off into the sunset, but they were late.
We conclude our Holidays visiting the Raymond Family in Lincoln city. Always so happy to see them.


but, even we can only handle so much of a good thing…. Family and friends are why we have Christmas

Good evening and good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our thanks go out to all the friends and family that worked so hard to make this holiday special. We saw many people and only mentioned a few, mostly because many are internet phobics and threatened unmentionable bodily harm if they showed up on the internet. I am a bodily harm a phobic, so their wishes have been respected