January 12, 2012 – Diamond Valley Lake Visitors Center Hemet, California

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We planned to go the the Diamond Valley Lake visitor center this morning, but since it was 22 degrees, we decided to sleep in. About two in the afternoon, we were all dressed and out the door.


On the way to Hemet California where Diamond Valley lake is, we saw the farmer we mentioned in the last article about washing the RV. The farmer was working quite hard raking his hay. (Uses a device the turns the hay over and fluffs it up so that the air can get to fibers and dry it out so it can be safely stored.)


We arrive at the visitors center complex at 3:04 pm according to Sarah, who is always accurate.


It seems fitting, and almost planned that we would do an article about water conservation in Southern California right after doing an Article on water usage for washing vehicles. The fact is, we had no idea what this big man made lake was about or what the visitor center would have available for our writing fodder. The very fist thing we learned is that early American Pioneers took baths on once a week rather they needed it or not. In today’s sedentary lifestyle we probably would not smell half as bad as our ancestors on this bathing regimen   According the diamond valley visitors center our for fathers and sisters got by on 20 gallons per person per day. In the year 2000, the average water usage per Californian was 230 gallons per day. Today, that number has dropped to 200 gallons per day per person, people in Portland Oregon use 137 gallons per day per person. The host at the visitor center told us most water reduction since 2000 was from people no longer washing their sidewalks and driveways. People switched to leaf blowers, and now blow the dust from their walks instead of washing it away with water. She said when her husband started using the leaf blower, it was just as effective as the garden hose, and she really appreciated it when he learned to point the leaf blower toward the street, rather than the house.


Athena is looking at a map of California. The map tells us that no water in Southern California comes from Southern California.  We learn these people are a bunch of hard working, extremely energetic thieves who really know how to work the legal system, and have really deep pockets. The diamond valley lake visitors center shows us that the pump water over mountain ranges, getting water from the Colorado River in Parker Arizona, Redding, Sacramento, and San Fransicko. The canals and pipelines run to this resevoire which is  backup water source in case of earthquake.  We thought that that was an odd reason to have a backup source of this magnitude, as a big enough earthquake to make this facility necessary, would probably break the earth dams that contain it, or destroy the pipes supplying the city at very least. I is hard to believe that a lake this large over 800,000 acre feet of water and 1.9 billion in construction cost would make sense for an earth quake event.  We did some further research, and Wiki (Which I typically give less credence to than a politician during an election year) says it was put in to help survive extended drought conditions, and was used hard during 2009.  Must have worked well, I don’t remember a liquid drought in that year, only a financial one. Irregardless of my disrespect for Wiki, I think they are probably correct.

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If you click on the picture above it will open up in its own screen, click it again and it will grow bigger. Once it is large you can see the local area here, where the lake is, and gratuitously where we camp in relation to is.


These are just some quick pictures of the exhibits. They did a really nice job with the visitors center. The movie is short and really informative. They had a few other exhibits which I could not phonograph, that were multimedia in nature. The exhibits were humorous, extremely informative and riveting just like this article.


Even the little kids will be happy to be here when the see Crush the stoned turtle from Australia


The exhibit makes us feel like bottom dwellers in the lake.


This is a picture of the lake being filled.  Took a couple years, but in 2003 the marina opened and the lake opened for sport fishing.


They stock the lake with about every edible fish in the world. They showed a little girl hold a 4′ 18lb rainbow trout. I think they are fibbing. The largest rainbow trout I have ever seen was 28″ and 2 pounds.  The same people displaying that fish, are probably the ones that have associated cow flatulence with global warming. Like we need to blame it on the cows. The cows always get the short end of the stick. Mark my words, they will some day fight back!

Speaking of global warming, they have a paleontology museum at the Diamond Valley Lake Visitor center.   The cost of entry is $8.00 per person. We did not have it on hand so we did not go in. The general idea, is when they were blowing up all the land to get dirt to build the dam with, they found a bunch of prehistoric ice age fossils. I am sure they are cool to look at, but lets think about this global warming thing for a minute. We are told it is caused by coal plants, general burning of fossil fuels, and our love for beef. The have been recording the earths temperatures since 1890 and the earth has warmed up a degree, proving  our love for the aforementioned sins is destroying the earth. The sad thing about all that, is when I was a young college student, I bought that! That is one expensive piece of information, as all the junk they ask us to buy to protect the environment is expensive and in the end we find either does not work or does more harm in other areas.  I have two questions for envirosquad, one have you given consideration to the fact that the earth has been warming since the ice age? Where is your scientific control group of temperature measurements to compare against?  Remember these control groups, we learned about them in grammar school. You do not have a control group, it is not possible to get, because no one was tracking the data in the early centuries.  What you have is a global warming hypothesis  that you are using to scare the populace with. We know global warming is occurring, because the ice from the ice age is still melting, and that we can measure that. We earthlings, do not get any say in global warming, we have never had a say in environmental change, that is why civilizations have moved or died through the centuries. California should be building nuclear power de-salinization plants today and getting their own water from the ocean, after all 97% of earths water is sitting in the ocean. Are they that smart? No! Don’t look now Portland Oregon, they are eyeing your mighty Columbia River? Souther California has 6% of the US population, do you have the man power stop them from drying up the Columbia?

In the winter the Visitor center is open from 10am to 4pm Thurs – Sun.

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