January 20, 2013 – We leave Wilderness Lakes, We find Jupiter hanging out with our moon.

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Look at the size of this guys feet! If Mud Hens are a protected class, please don’t sue me for commenting on their feet.

We take our last morning walk at Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails RV Resort, before we have to go back to the rig and prepare for our next great adventure.  We crossed a nifty little foot bridge, and encountered this lovely specimen.  It was standing guard out side of the morning hen pecking convention, and told us it that it is never a good idea to step into the center of a group of old hens. We decided the Mud hen, was likely a an authority on the matter and gave the gaggle of hens their space.



Mud Hen Convention. Today’s topic turned out to be about the stars lining up, the sighting of Jupiter and how they too could profit from this once in a life time event. For just $24.95 they will learn how to find food, become better preened  and how to keep their man in line.  They were told they had to act now, as space is quickly filling up. We could not believe our ears, I pulled out my wallet, but the guard insisted this was for mud hens only.

Personally, I think the Guard mud hen was in on this business proposition, and his currency was not paper, or I would have been in. Even the animals know, there is money in furnishing how-to classes and supplies.

When we arrived back in our camp site, our neighbors had a visitor sharing our space.

This truck is full of very noisy equipment, wet chemicals, and strange creatures. Sarah and Holly watched them all day long.  It was rather interesting that one could get a roof restoration here in the RV park, but also just a bit disturbing to know that one false move, and our RV may get a new look.

Strange creature on roof with cigarette in his mouth can work with both hands while smoking. That is dexterity that no human is capable of. I wonder what he really is? (Strange smoking creatures a protected class? Well no worries, smoking around these volatile materials should shortly yield that question mute).


The company came in scraped all the lose junk off the roof, used cleaners to clean off the sticky stuff. They then wrapped everything on the roof in plastic and taped it down. Seems odd that when sealing the roof that they do not remove the air conditioners, a great deal of leaks come from roof failure under the air conditioner. If we ever get our roof done, we would certainly feel the need to ask some questions in that realm.


Call me a nervous Nelly, and you would not be far off the mark. I would not be insulted by it either. It is OK to insult me, people are always discussing my nose, and its size relative to my face. I come by it naturally,  just add some Greek, some Dutch, and a dash of a few other religions and what do you expect? Lastly I’m  male and losing my hair none of which qualify me as being a protected class and therefore fair game.  So at least I know one person, who I can still have fun discussing with out fear of retribution.

So now that we have established that I am un-insultable nervous Nelly, I would have really appreciated it if they would have tented my Motor home too. The next process had more risk than I was interested in bearing. I wonder if that wrap would cut down on the heat bills during these sub freezing nights we have been experiencing lately?   This really could be a great new product. Add air bubbles, affix it to all sides of the rig. We could then call it crash guard R-34. I can see it now, our names in lights,  number one in the privately held fortune 100 companies, and being rich enough to afford 50 Amp service and sewer hookups every where we go.

hey spray the material on the roof. This is a primer grey.


   The other four guys, get to go hang out in the Jacuzzi or something for a while, while the guy who won the coin toss gets to spray this colored liquid substance all over the RV. So far, this is the only park of the process that looked like it would be a privilege to do. The other work, looked a lot like the kind of work you would expect to get paid for.

This, takes skill, spraying the gunnels 12′ off the ground from a ladder, and managing a smooth clean finish. I would need scaffolding, and 1000 trial specimens before ever toughing a customers rig. This dude is a painter stud type of guy.


PermaSealRoofLooksNew-300x225Wow, his rig looks new. That roof is shinier and whiter than any I have seen in recent times.  Perma Seal looks great upon completion, with 5 men on the site for 6 hours, and all that chemical, this could not have been cheap, but more than likely still less expensive than a replacement.  I was still concerned that his over spray, may have mixed with my green and grey paint on my rig.  Upon examining my rig I noticed the crows felt sorry for me and coated our rig with their version of prema seal. Jupiter was in my favor and hanging next to the moon, therefore we will assume the stars were looking out for us.

We went inside, wishing we could have had the opportunity to take a picture of the Wilderness Lakes Train. Then the unthinkable happened.


The train pasted right under the front window of the RV. We snapped some pictures, trying to defy time and light, and got a picture of the ever elusive train. The picture is not perfect, so we get what we get, and we don’t throw a fit.


Off the train goes. Athena and the girls call it cute. They plan to ride it next time we come to camp poo poo (The park is in a feed lot).  They only charge a quarter, and I think its a bargain.


Finally packed up and on the road, the park road any how. Headed to Pio Pico for a few weeks. It is quieter and generally less pungent there. The down side is the park has little or no cell service, making these blogs almost impossible to produce. Poor cell services, typically mean lower quality blogs, as every keystroke goes to our server in Utah and back, the lag disturbs thought effecting grammar and typing ability.  Off to Pio Pico we go!


We settle in to Pio Pico.  The side of the park with limited cell service was full. So we had to park on the opposite side. we are lucky, we got a space between two spaces that have no electric, so we have lots of space around us. The hills are pretty in the sunsets, they light up in shades of orange. We miss having sewer hookups, so we have to drive the rig to a dump station every three or four days. We managed to get our Wilson Amp to pull in cell service and internet from time to time, but business quality? I think not. They do have internet you can buy at $35 a computer, phone, I- pad, etc.. Holly bought that, it still not reliable enough to be business class, and we drive to town when it is not working.


Our moon followed us to Pio Pico and Jupiter is hanging out with it, it is the little light on the left of the big one in the picture above. The weather had been cold enough to keep us indoors at night, or rainy, so we had not noticed it until now. To those who live in the Northwest, you probably do not see the moon very often due to all the fog and clouds. The moon has been interesting the last few days. The lit part slid all the way down and covered the entire bottom half with light while the top half was dark. I had never seen that before, I always thought the dark side of the moon was in the back. Silly me!


Good Evening and Good Night…