Last Day in Eastern Oregon for a Season

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July 16, 2011 – Last Day in Eastern Oregon for a Season

Made it church this morning, Kids had a Sabbath School with Valarie down stairs while we did our lesson up stairs. The sermon was about the USA departing from a Republic and copying Greek society and evolving toward an eventual dictatorship. Hopefully this never happens, George Washington would be none too pleased with us.

Had a nice potluck at Maureen Stanciu’s house. The balance of the day was spent visiting Hells Canyon.  In the pictures, you will see the Granpa’s RV, that the GOP mentioned we are financing. I think we should be ashamed of our selves if this is all the RV he can afford on Social Security, and his veterans pay.Tomorrow we will head 290 miles SW to central Oregon.

1 Holly and Sarah with friends while we prepare for another outing.2 3 The GOP says seniors are exploiting the Social Security System by buying big expensive RV’s with the Social Security dollars. It’s amazing what a couple hundred dollars will buy. This is a 1964 boles arrow, he fixed up the interior really well using recycled wood from a torn down house.4 5

Sleeping for two, a dinette and all original working appliances.

6 7 8

Church Darin grew up.9 10 11 12

Maurine’s house on the Powder river


Brownlee dam on the snake river in Hell’s canyon14 15 16

Camping in hell’s canyon near Hell’s canyon dam.17 18 19 20

Jet boat tours at Hell’s Canyon Dam, for the rich and famous. I am neither so I have never taken one. In my younger years I have hiked the lower canyon; there were big horn sheep there.22

Good Evening and Good Night