Lots of Workin’

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September, 26, 2011 – Lots of Workin’

Here it is Sunday morning, raining so much so, the ark may just float again, and we are hanging out with Athena in her office, wondering if just maybe were missing the boat. We came to do a 15 minute project which was to clean up a wire mess that used to be associated with the stack of networking equipment  on the shelf  behind her. While she was doing something, I decided I could move that all the wires into one nice column from the equipment up into the ceiling where they are coming from. They were draped happily by the millions over the ceiling tile and all over the shelf. Sure enough I was able to make them look sparse, and neatly zip tie them in place. It looked oh’ so on purpose. (Can’t say professional). I proudly plugged all her stuff back in and when she came in I said “Aint it Purty?” She tossed all the unused wires into a black hole some where.

I was about to ask here, where is the next set of wires she wants dispensed with; when Sarah said “Cool Mom, I can get on face book now, and Games Game.” Athena was not so smiley any more and asked why is iprism not stopping the kids from getting onto the these sites? I said, I don’t think the filter box is done turning its self on. We heard iprism could take all day to start, so we while waiting for it to start, I noticed that I had pluged all its cables into the wrong box, and that I could not remember where the cables came from or were going…. we plugged them in the way we thought made sense, and waited 6 more hours, Iprism still was not working. We then studied iprism docs to find out what all the cables did, where they should have come from, and where they should be going, and plugged them into the network according to the pictures we found on Google.  Fourteen hours later, still working, and logged into Iprism seeing that everything was on and wondering why it was doing nothing, we went home and slept.

We were exhausted, Athena had worked all week at the office, on the RV chasing down leaks for me, and taking me to Eugene to see my uncle and Aunt who are ill, and now I repay her with this. In in five minutes, make the rest of the weekend much more interesting than originally planned.  Good thing I am as smart as I am stupid, When we go up this morning I twisted her arm to call Iprism technical support. They were a dream, they identified that one of the cables I tossed out was a special crossover cable, and the cable I put in its place was a normal cable, but not for that purpose though to the casual onlooker, they are the same cable.  They also discovered that I plugged the cable in the wrong hole on the firewall.  There were only 4, and not marked, so who knew?  After fixing these two issues, the system came back up they way it was supposed to.

The lessons Athena should learn from this excersise, are never trust your husband where memory is involved, and always keep up an up to date network topology  document that can be used in the instance some nut case comes in and pulls all the wires out of your networking equipment and zip ties them all up nice and pretty like.  An IT department network topology document could come in real handy on those days when you come in your office and all the wires are gone.

Good Evening and Good Night…..

PS:  If you are looking for an experienced hand, to remove wires from your network, I may be available for a price.  I am willing to put them back for you too, but dont ask me to remember where I got them from.