Morgan Hill Ca. to Yosemite Ca

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May 22, 2011 – Morgan Hill Ca. to Yosemite Ca.

We drive from Morgan Hill California to Yosemite National Park. Speaking of driving, California is an amazing state! They have some of the highest fuel taxes in the nation. Fuel Taxes are used for highway up keep. The freeway from San Jose to I – 5 was so bad, our microwave danced around in the cabinet and attempted to make and escape, but the the fascia around the microwave held in place, but not without sacrifice. The entire fascia was destroyed, waking Holly up to sawdust spilling into her hair. Fortunately the microwave fell backwards into the cabinet rode there happily. We happily turned off the freeway onto Hwy 120 East and made our trek to Yosemite. We had to climb a grade called Priest grade, it was a slow but easy climb gaining 1500′ in about two miles. The worst of the grade was oncoming traffic that seemed to find it difficult to stay in their lane. The road is steep, the corners are really only safe at 15 mph or less, but the down hill traffic found 15 to be too slow for their adrenaline needs. We finally arrived at our campground, and it is very pleasant here, lots of grass, lots of trees, and nice stream running through camp. Not looking forward to traveling back down to the valley, but that is several days from now.

Good evening and good night…