Mo’s just for the Halibut

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June 13, 2011 – We went to Mo’s just for the Halibut.

Luckily, they had it. Yum. Only available three time a year, according to the waiter.Today we went to the Hatfield Science Center, then to the Bay front in Newport. Most important stop for the kids was the taffy boat taffy store. Most important stop for Darin was lunch. Then shopping for Father’s Day stuff. And the all important Rocky Road ice cream. Drizzled a little today, but warm, not bad for a beach day in Rainy Old Oregon. Good night everyone,  Athena

Town pictures:


Newport Bridge, really old will probably cave in I keep driving my house across it.  Really it has some minor structural issues. If you drive down the center, the bridge will be OK.

2 3 4

Smells like dead shrimp. Great balls of carnage!


This guy has crabs. Rather than see a Dr. he is going to try and sell them. Got to love an entrepreneur.6 7 8 9 10

What are they all looking at? Looks good to me.  Maybe, I dropped a piece in my breezier.


OK, the day gets weirder and weirder. Let call it quits before something else happens.

Good evening and good night!