October 4, 2011 – Who Should Ask for More? God, Babies, Parents, Vacationing Grandparents

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Anna had her baby girl, and she is very healthy but still in the hospital because she is an early arrival. Anna is doing well, but tired, and busy going between home and the hospital, so we did not get to see them. We did however get to see Marnie and her baby, Mckayla. Mckayla is a nice and very happy baby. While we were at Marnie’s, here husband Mike’s Dad, Chuck was in from Kauai for a visit, Darin’s Mother, and Step father showed up as well. It was an interesting coincidence, Darin’s Parents stopped in on their way to Kauai,  so they and Chuck had a conversation about how to tour Kauai. Though we would like to go there, it will be a a long time if ever before we do, so don’t look for a “rolling shoe box review” of Kauai any time soon.  Since we can’t keep the rain out, we are sure, that we can’t cross the big blue wet thing, even if there was a freeway. Since we are not water tight, rain is not our friend.  Darin is hoping for a good old fashion drought this winter, and wants to ship the rain to Texas. It was a busy week this week, two school camp outs, 1 for each kid, a skit we had to spend a boat load of money on for Holly’s Lit class, aunt Pat being ill, Ana having her baby and other things. Lots of blessings though as well, Pat is improving, and Ana survived her giving birth which it seems there was was a lot of question, given the complications.

This week God delighted us with beautiful babies, happy parents, and vacationing grandparents,  Just as meant to be.


Good evening and Good night…