Over the river and through the woods

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June 15, 2011 – Over the river and through the woods – Or was it through the river and over the woods? Either way Grandma’s house we shall go.

To both my Grandmothers houses we go. This picture is my father’s mother place in Wren, Oregon. I learned more about my grandpa and grandma when they were young. My grandma is 90, so I want to learn everything while I can. Every time I go there, I remember that my ethnic background is redneck. Even my grandma pronounces creek- “cr-eh-k”. But they work very hard, and all the flowers there are nice. It is so frustrating that the house my great-grandpa built can’t be fixed. The building is still solid, but not being cared for. Then we visited my mom’s mom in Albany. Got to see a lot of pictures all everyone young and beautiful, but with 70s hair and clothes.  Are all our pictures going to look that silly in 30 years? This can be a cruel world. Well,

Good night. Athena