Pacific City Oregon

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August 14, 2011 – We go to Pacific City

  Yesterday we decided to extend our stay and stay a month in Silverton at Silver Spur RV Park and had to fill out a credit, job reference, and criminal history check application.  Sure a lot of paper work an expense to stay at an RV park! I checked on the application status this morning, but they were not so sure it would pass without some phone calls and they could not do that until the owner gets in Tuesday or Wed, then they should no later in the week sometime. We could however pay $40 a night until the application was approved. Being as cheap as we are, we told them we would go stay in our free park on the coast until they decided they needed a new tenant.


We arrived at Pacific City, and the weather is wonderful 70 degrees and blue. We got a perfect site with an ocean view out three windows. WOW!  Too bad this photo can’t show it to you, but I am not skilled enough to get the picture.  We got settled in, so Athena and the girls headed to the beach. I am too tired, and cranky to enjoy it, so I stayed behind trying to figure out how to put the girls through school, and let Athena work at the school without having to drain the savings, have her work 45 hours a week, and or take bankruptcy. I thing we have figured out how to get her down to 30 to 40 hours a week for this year any way if wee sell everything we own. The numbers though are fluid and maybe an answer will turn up. The dollars for the job were less than we expected, and even with the financial help from the church, it is a long reach.  I think they want to do it badly enough though to have Athena work two part time jobs, so this is likely our last trip out in the RV. If approved Silver Spur RV will likely be our home. The park has nothing to offer, and the monthly sites are so close together we taste our neighbors sweat.


On the lighter side, the ladies all took the walk down to the beach, and had a wonderful time.  This is the Trail to the main beach.

4They Dam the Crick




Holly goes out to sea


Mechanical kite, I think he better not land in the ocean. His engine is made out of metal.


Kids mimic goats

As for me, I have had enough Rocky Road, God can come back now I have had the best earth has to offer. I hear they are awesome cooks in heaven. I only hope they know of ice cream.

Good Evening and Good Night….