Rancho Oso to San Benito

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May 14, 2011 – Travel from Rancho Oso to San Benito \ Tried to post pictures and notes for the day, but the internet/cell service is worse than the last campground if one can imagine it. We traveled from Santa Barbara down 101 to Salinas then east to Piacine. We saw lots of different climates, forrest, then desert, then farm land growing lots of food. There were lots of people harvesting and lots of people planting, looks like they do not have winter between growing seasons. They just have never ending food here in coastal California.  Due to the ruggedness of the mountains, the trip took an hour and a half longer than we anticipated as we had to go an extra 40 miles North to Salinas before crossing to Hwy 25. The park here is nice, but too remote for cell service, and our internet is working once in a while. We are only 70 miles south of San Francisco, with farms all around us, but it appears no one uses cell service out side of the major cities. Well, we are dead tired from the trip and have nothing more to say other than Sarah hijacked a train today.

Good evening and good night…