Rest from lots of running around

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June 10, 2011 – Rest from lots of running around

Sorry not everyone is visible in the picture, but it is hard to keep the subjects where they belong with slow shutter speeds.  Not much happening today. I was wiped from running around and seeing people yesterday, so when I got up this afternoon, I got everyone back for being out so late last night, and took them for a long walk around the park, to the beach, and back. There are very few people here, guess it has not warmed up enough to get people out of their houses and doing things aside from shopping, which they do at home now, thanks to QVC and the internet. Since it was a cold winter and cold spring, it may be a while before the snow birds return and Oregonians come out of hibernation. Since Randy could not make it this weekend, I will have to eat a lot of hamburgers as well. Thats OK though, we are going to Papa Murphy’s, and if everyone is hibernating, it should leave more pizza for me. Now if only they sold Rocky Road!

Have a good evening and a good night..