Rocking down on the Ranch

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July 23, 2011 – Rocking down on the Ranch 

Richardson Ranch in Madras Oregon is a big spread with lots of Obsidian, Thunder Eggs, and Petrified wood scattered about.  For a Fee of $10.00 per car load of people, you can dig until your sick. Any rock you want to keep is $1.00 a pound and the entrance fee covers the first 10 pounds. The original owners of this rock ranch are getting up there in years, and the people running it seem less enthused about it. Get up there now and have some fun at this place before this gem is gone.  We spent day with Chris and Kimberly’s family and had a great time. Now check it out here online with us:

Girls are getting prepared for a day in the Quarry (good hats a re must, a bath is not so much)

If you have a cat, it has to be molested; I am ready to leave, and I certain the cat feels the same.


Driving on Old hwy 97 North of Madarass, or. 3

Have to drive 5 miles back into the sage 4

Mountains are nice though 5

Our brave friends who ventured out here with us. (No, wonder Chris needed another truck soon after he met us.)


Headed into the quarry looking for Geodes 7

The pro’s dig in 8


These are the smart people, they are the supervisors.

10 11 12 13

Examining the fruits of our labor. Many prize Thunder Eggs. 14

Leaving Richardson Ranch, completely exhausted, and rocked out.15

Stop off and view the crooked river gorge 16 17 18

Tonya says “Today was Fun”, or “I am beautiful” not sure which but happy is always a good thing. 19

We end our day at Applebees. Prices slightly below average, food about average, so it is a good value on that scale. 🙂 Every happy person loves food.20

Good Evening and Good Night