Rolling North on 101

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IMG_8243June 1, 2011 – Rolling North on 101 

we get closer to Oregon, the weather is starting to look more normal, i.e. rain. It is crazy, and I know the Salem folks will hate me, but it has been so nice for us this trip, I started to miss the rain. No more worries about that. We have a rainy but okay trip from the Sacramento area to Cloverdale today. It is about 80 miles north of SF. As we were parking, we saw a women having trouble turning her $250 K motorhome around, then she hit the back into a tree, hard. We helped her cut the tree from the fiberglass, but half of the back broke, and I think it will be thousands in repair work, but it is drivable. She handled it better than me, I would have cried, hard. Kids are up showering, so we are getting a few minutes peace. Hope your day goes better than our new neighbors’. Good evening, Athena.  P.S. Darin thinks I’m nuts about the rain thing.