Rolling Shoe Box Gets a Long Over Due Bath

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June 22, 2011 – Rolling Shoe Box Gets a Long Overdue Bath

Athena washed the roof and the sides today, and hopes others will hire her to give their rigs a bath as well. I was too under the weather to help much, due to a fall nice lady helped me take at the beach yesterday. I managed to clean two sets of wheels though, and put nice shine on them. Holly and Sarah were up at the family lodge, Sarah did crafts, Holly watched a little girl for someone, both Holly and Sarah seem to have enjoyed the day. Back to the nice lady at the beach, she convinced me that the guy we met who drives the Jelly Bellies RV is right about Oregonians and their behavior. Oregonian drivers (walkers in this case) are not mean like some drivers we have seen around the country, they are not courteous like some drivers we have seen, nor are they purposely rude, they are just oblivious! This lady needed around us, the trail was narrow, so she went around, with out a simple excuse me, or even letting us know she was there, she just plowed into Athena, who bumped Sarah, who naturally got tangled in my feet. That is a bad thing! I am not that stable (In more ways than one). This action caused me to execute a face plant into the sand, leaving me with a bloody nose that did not finish for 24 hours, a headache, and what looks like the mark of the beast right between my eyes (Could also be described as the dot ladies from India wear on their foreheads, only my dot slipped on to my nose.). The interesting thing is, the lady never looked back! I have nothing against her, but we should all remember that we do share this world, and if some one is not being courteous to you, it is not proper to return the favor by being discourteous to them. This lady may have felt we were rude by hogging the path, walking too slowly, or was truly aloof. Pay attention, be patient, be nice to those who do not deserve it, and maybe we can all live longer healthier lives. A note to all kids and those who are kids at heart, if you see the Jelly Bellies RV, be polite, they give out Jelly Bean Samples, and it really makes them happy if your remember with out prompting to say “Please and Thank You” They may be employees charged with building the brand, but they get tired, they feel it when people are rude, and they remember it when people are nice. They told me the most polite children they have met after four years on the road, tend to be minority children in very poor neighborhoods. I meet few couples as nice as this couple, they represent their company well. I hope to run into them again someday and maybe buy them dinner or something. Nothing like sweet people handing out candy.  They also know everything about my Hero Ronald Reagan and Jelly Beans :)

One thing to ponder, in the news “National Debt”  Our first debt was paid off shortly after the revolutionary war, held at near nothing, until Roosevelt and the “New Deal”, then jumped drastically for WW2 to over 100%, but quickly bought down. The debt was held steady around 60% until Obama took office in 2008, and is now flirting with 93% of GDP. We need to keep in mind that the debt jumped during the war times, and times of recession and drops heavily during times of prosperity. Obama does however get full marks for having the greatest debt jump in percentage of GDP of any president in the last 200 years. Our debt goes up as a percentage of GDP during a recession, as our GDP drops! But our Debt went from 10 Trillion in 2008 to 14 Trillion and they want us to up the ceiling some more? Maybe they should apply for bank loan from Bank Of America using the USA as collateral! I can only imagine the foreclosure notice, that is one thing BofA has nailed! Here are the numbers:

If Clintons’s mantra holds “It’s the economy stupid” holds true, Obama is one term-er. Some how, unless someone can present us with a power house for the presidential candidacy, I fear Clinton was wrong, there may well be more to the equation, like maybe CNN, and other outlets such as NYT. Enough Politics for the night…

Good Evening and Good Night…