Rolling Shoe Box “The Salem Week in Review”

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// January 19, 2012 – Rolling Shoe Box “The Salem Week in Review” – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

1-168x300What should we do with with all this stuff? What is precious? useful? and just plain trash? Ask 30 people get 30 answers. We are just asking Athena, to save on further confusion.
One day this week, we wake up feeling like a Good Old Fashion donut being run through the glazing machine. Very cold!
While waiting on Athena to answer the storage question, we pause to celebrate an annual event(Usually Jan. 5th). “The Birthday cake massacre. – Starring me.”
Athena begins the task, we go to the storage unit and sort objects in three ways. 1. My precious – Store in the coach, 2. Donate to Charity, 3. Send to family for safe keeping. Of 130 boxes of stuff 4 were placed on in the coach, 8 go to family, and the balance go to Charity such as schools, Goodwill ect… Great work Athena, that is not bad for a family of four.