Rolling Through Fall

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// November 10, 2011 

What does one do when stuck in the Willamette Valley during the fall rain storms?


Chocolate Curls for exercise of course!

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// November 10, 2011 – Rolling Through Fall – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box // < ![CDATA[

When the rain stops, Athena, Sarah and I like to go out doors for walks.  Too much traffic noise though to walk around here, so we head to Bush Park down town Salem.

Walk through the oak grove


Find Roses



Find exotic nuts
Hit the gravity race track

Not all is fun, the rig needs attention and goes to Wagers service center:

We stay in a Hotel $80 night for us, $20 for the cat!
The room has a great view of the freeway
We are hungry, too tired to go to Denny’s so we order in.

 All is not lost, the RV show comes to town! We get lots of exercise!

Being that Sarah and Holly both love bikes it was easy to guess which rig they would choose:


Given the cost of dumping our class A, and car, then replacing them with a truck and trailer, I think we will have to wait on this one. :)

Then it came the day some love adore while others of us love to abhor!

Happy Halloween from Sarah
Do what I tell you! from Holly