RV Maintenance – Washing the RV

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This topic seems like a simple topic that would not warrant blog entry, but some of our RV’s need special handling. We have also found that RV’s unlike cars seem to get a special layer of grime that cannot be cut with run of the mill RV soaps found at big box stores such as Walmart. The sops the big box stores sell, seem to require multiple applications at times to get the dirt off. We have been known to use and entire bottle in one washing.  Here we will break down how we wash our rig and point out some difference you may encounter.

First we buy the supplies listed below. The soap we have only found here, and at Camping World. This bottle of soap will last us about a year washing the rig once per month. The only product on this list you can get in the big box store is the NU-finish which is a once per year wax. We use it twice per year and love it. You will also need a bucket to hold your wash water, we got ours for about $3 at Shop Co in the after Christmas sales.  The best chamois to get are found at Walmart, they are microfiber and are a different color on each side. We use one side to apply the wax, and we use the other to wipe the wax off. It is like having to cloths in one.

Now that we have our tools, it is time to begin, but there is one ground rule that must be observed if your rig has full body paint. Never use your brush in circular motions, always float it in lots of soap and water to protect your clear coat. If you have a plain white rig or aluminum ribbed RV, the scrub pattern is less important.


Forgot to mention earlier, if you have a problem with black streaks and tar. Get the Camco bug and tar remover. It works very well. For those who have rubber roofs, buy camco black streak remover to remove the black, white, or grey streaks that run down the side. Rewax the areas where you used these products, they do remove everything but the paint.
Use the squeegee in downward motions. You will not have to dry the rig by hand. This is a huge labor saver.
Another example of how these tools allow you to stay off the ladder and get the job done.
$3.00 discount store storage tub used to wash hold the soap and water.