Santa Barbara The American Rivierra

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May 12, 2011 – Santa Barbara 

Names it self as the American Riviera, we call it the homeless Mecca. Never seen so many homeless people in one location in all our lives as we saw today at the Stearn’s Warf and beach. The winter weather was blue sky and mid 70′s with a slight breeze, so it is no wonder. Sure wish there was a way to get these people in good safe clean homes, but something tells me they would not use them if we gave them to them. Many are druggies and think they are living free. Many are artist with un-paralleled talent. Could not believe some of the quality artwork we saw, but yet no incomes. They may be following their hearts, but I don’t think following your heart pays. Following someone else’s heart though pays very well if your a heart surgeon.  Rancho Oso Camp ground is too remote to make phone calls, but internet is working now and again. We should be in civilization Sunday camping under the pier in Santa Barbara wish the most important luxury of home – 3G!.

// May 12, 2011 – Santa Barbara – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

Well this is the end of an inning.

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