Second day of School and no one came back puking

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August 23, 2011 – Second day of School and no one came back puking 

Well we have an improvement over the first day of school, as usual only Sarah is smiling when they walked in from their long day of work and school, but Athena seems healthier.

Holly said they learned how to deal with the fact that the school disallows jewelery. The answer my friend is pens! pens with colors!  They may not have learned much World History today, but maybe they picked up a marketable art skill while the teacher rattled on.  If you are looking for good tattoo artists, look no further than your local christian school, they develop talent out of necessity. Holly is certainly well on her way to running her own tattoo parlor, I will be so proud of her when she gets that business degree and she opens her own shop. My big feat of the day was I installed a whole house filter on the hose to the RV.

Good Evening and good night!

85 degrees today, very nice!