Shoes Storage in an RV

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Sarah Started out the day fine, but came home with 101 Temperature, red watery eyes, and sniffles. We got her some allergy medicine and Tylenol, and she seems fine now.

They Study

28-300x169 August 24, 2011 – Made a lot of headway today, but Sarah’s allergies have got her down

I don’t know much about Biology. I was pretty sure that Creation was legit, but her Biology book says otherwise. Even this Christian School seems to think we evolved from Africans.

Holly has been working on homework all night, hopefully she will be done by morning because we are taking her to school to get more.

The Scary Shoe Box

Now this is messy. There has got to be a better way.


Our shoe box is in my opinion very useful, and a real eye sore, and I really hate when it falls out the door. The last draw was when some friends came over and knocked my shoes outside and I found them the next morning after a rain storm. Since they were my only shoes, it was real disappointing. but…

The Shoe Solution

For $25.00 and 15 minutes work, we now have shoe box 2011


That problem ends tonight! If we like this baby it will be screwed to the floating slide, so it will float in and out as the RV slides are pulled in and out. This does appear to look good, and since the RV is cheap, this piece of furniture’s cheapness does not detract from the rig at all.