Solvang, CA

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May 11, 2011 – Solvang, CA

Good evening, everyone. Athena again. After a hard morning of schoolwork, (Sarah wrote a short story), we went to Solvang. It is a Danish town started in 1911 to keep Danish traditions alive, and now a tourist town. The buildings in the middle of town are all built in European style. Holly says it reminds her of Enchanted Forest in Salem. But this one is better done, and all the building are shops or cafes. Even the Post Office is done in the tutor style. I enjoyed all the flowers and climbing plants. It is built for walking through and there is a new shop around every corner. Also, it has many tables and benches for resting. We bought some veggies at the farmers market, and some strawberries. They also had peaches, oranges, cherries and sunflowers. How all of these are ripe in May, I have no idea. I’m impressed Southern California grows so much stuff. If an earthquake knocks it into the sea, we will miss the food. 😉
  Good Night, all.