Still waiting for Silverspur to approve our rent application for a site

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// August 16, 2011 – Still waiting for Silverspur to approve our rent application for a site. – Rolling Shoe Box | Rolling Shoe Box //

Can’t figure out why it would be so hard for a park to decide if they want to rent out a monthly RV site. Tomorrow, we are headed back to Salem in the car and will find another RV park , School starts Monday, and we need to get settled. Athena has to get her lesson plans laid out for the class she plans to teach, has to prepare something for the school assembly, and get the schools computer network ready. The last thing we need to be dealing with are RV park managers that don’t take their job seriously.  So we drive 6 hours a day until RV park thing is resolved.  I spent the day trying to resolve the RV park thing,  Athena and the girls had a good time at the beach. We will miss this for sure.

The Tale of Two Sand Castles


The core of engineers builds a dam.


Sarah builds a castle in the newly created dry ground below the dam.


Holly meets a boy, and I am sure they are discussing the building of a dam.


Yup, they are building a dam. Try to get him to do this after marriage.


Sarah examines the dam and their castle.


The core of engineers must have had a design flaw, the dam was breached, and Sarah castle is History!


  Holly and Justin’s dam breached, but their castle survived. (Lesson 1.Build in wider flood plains! 2. It is more fun to build sand castles than to look  for friendly RV parks.)

Even better is the view from our front windshield on the RV in this park!



This is why you visit Thousand Trails Pacific City. 


Have a good evening and a good night…