The Honey Pot

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August 4, 2011 – The Honey Pot 2We did our usual trip to Tumalo Falls, then down to Drake Park in Bend Oregon, but in Drake Park there was a festival. In the festival, there was a mobile restaurant “The Honey Pot” isn’t that a mobile box where one goes to relieve himself. Talk about recycling taken to the next level! Only in Oregon!

We are prepping for the great hike by posing for photos, but we can’t figure out the camera  timer.

1 2

We have quite a crew, we filled the view point.


We arrive at the top 4

5 6

Girls get macho and crush a pop can. I am not sure what got into them, maybe the thin air. 7

Head toward the park 8

I get caught and they pose!. I hate when my cover is blown


More posers 10

Tonia heads down a slide 11

Sarah and Dominic race down the slide, can’t tell who won. The Dude standing on the slide should go on a diet.


Knock each other down with the tether ball. 13

Dominic Flies14 15 16

DJ wants in the ring 17

Chris and DJ Rest 18

Holly and Sarah show off. 19 20

We leave Drake park and get Ice cream at Goody’s. Shortly afterwards, hail came to visit. 1/2 inch stones, was coming hard, I worried about dents, Chris was worried about a twister. 22

Good Evening and Good Night…
PS: We decided to eat at home.