Travel – 100 Miles North by North West

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Arrive in more mountains somewhere above Santa Barbara, and again have barely functioning internet, and no voice cell service available. Holly bought a phone yesterday, but it does not appear to work here. This could also mean that we will be unable to post pictures and notes very often if at all for a while longer. Can’t believe that every since we left Louisiana, that cell service is so hard to get. Always thought Texas to the west coast, were supposed to be the technology mecca. I guess we are always learning. Maybe we will buy a signal booster. That aside, we took a walk around our new park today and met a lady name Cherry and she let the girls brush her horse. Kind of reminds me of Huck Finn and the scene in the book where the other kids pay him to paint his fence. πŸ™‚  The lady was real nice though and told them all about her horse and the places they go together. The horses name is Sedona, and is a very polite horse, if I were a horse, I would never let people fondle me like the lady does this one. I would get grumpy and bite her. Sure glad I am not horse,  I am too independent for that, so much so I would probably be glue if I were a horse. New things to be thankful for every day.

Have a good evening and good night..