Travel again! Now we are in a town called Oregon House

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May 27, 2011 – Travel again! Now we are in a town called Oregon House. 

Only 75 Miles, but over two hours drive. Ran Hwy 49 until we joined with 20 to Marysville, then turned east into the mountains. This kind of driving is tiring. Once the RV was settled, we had to make a run to Walmart in Marysville which is 22 miles and one hour from our camp site. Marysville is run down and is a has been town; with the best part of it being the lowest fuel prices we have seen in some time. Sure hope they keep dropping, and Oregon quits adding more taxes! The out skirts of Marysville are littered with rice farms. They are trading cattle in for rice, very few cows, lots of rice. Our camp ground is large, about 550 sites, and all the working sites are in use, this place is packed. People are still coming in, so I am wondering if they will have to camp with no electric service. Athena is doing laundry, she came back and said the kids left gum in their pocket and it got in the dryer, she took some Goo Gone down there to clean out the dryer drum. I am too tired to care about much about anything, and have stayed behind to get some rest. I only drove the RV today, she drove to Marysville, did groceries, laundry, made supper, and is watching the kids down at the common area. I can never run out of appreciation for her, she is wonderful.1 2

Have a good evening and a good night