We Consult the Cosmos on this end of the world thing

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15170 May 19, 2011 – We Consult the Cosmos on this end of the world thing. 

    The answer has been revealed to us, the end of the world is when Darin runs out of Rocky Road Ice Cream. Since we are going shopping in the morning, Darin is in no danger of running out of Rocky Road. We stretched out Darin’s ice cream supply by supplementing it with a Hagan Daas Ice cream bar in the camp store, so he has been pacified for a few more hours. Keep Darin supplied with Rocky Road, and the world will be spared. Help us keep world peace by contributing to “Darin’s Rocky Road Ice Cream Fund” Checks, cash, and Ice cream (Rocky Road) are gladly accepted. That being said, we have filled our propane, Gasoline and fresh water tanks just in case. No one knows what kind of crazy things people might do to bring about disaster if they were willing to spend this much money advertising it. This guy says anyone going to church will be lost because they are worshiping the deceiver. This seems unbiblical to  me, so maybe we will go to church Saturday. Obviously it has been a slow day. Holly completed her English finals today, and worked a lot on science projects. It was interesting watching Holly turn a raw egg into rubber. The weather is back in the 70′s and clear, so we took a walk around the park, visited some people, and ate Ice Cream this evening. Tomorrow we will be in a town with Cell service, we bought a phone, but it will not work, so we hope that being in town will help.

Good evening and good night…