We drive again

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June 8, 2011 – We drive again 

Along the coast to South Beach, (Whalers Rest Thousand Trails) about 10 miles south of New Port and four miles south of South Beach State Park. We got here, they handed us a few pages of park rules. Sure hope we don’t have to remember them all, I have been studying the 10 commandments pretty much all my life, and still seem to forget a few now and again, four rules is about the extent of my attention span. Children and old people like rules, but if their memories are anything like mine, we are all in trouble. After getting setup, Sarah and Holly went to candy bar BINGO, Holly did not play, and I guess Sarah won every round. I doubt they will invite her back, no matter though, she now has all the candy bars. Athena cleaned house, the car, and took us to the laundry and washed all of our blankets and stuff. I don’t remember what I did, but I am quite tired so I don’t think I slept this afternoon, I would guess that I probably had fun though. Steve, I saw a Pig and Pancake in Newport, it reminded me of you.

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