We open a can of worms!

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August 7, 2011 – We open a can of worms!

12-150x150Uh! 40X12′ of stuff! Athena decided to just dig in and see what is there. She loaded clothing and other items that are no longer needed into the car until it was bulging at the seems, then drove it down to Goodwill. Surprisingly Goodwill seemed happy to receive all these things. Looks like there will be many more runs to Goodwill in the near future. She is prepping some items for sale on Craig list. I am not too excited about having to talk to strangers who want to come and complain about my stuff, so I will lower the price.  Hopefully we will get people with good sob stories so I can feel good about giving away my stuff to them.  Also we are hoping the advertisements don’t attract weirdos such as ax murders or something like we hear about in the news all the time.  No idea what our long range plan is, but if Athena sells some or all of the stuff, we should be able to save a couple bucks by getting a smaller storage unit. Out side of the storage unit and trying to get people to see us while we are in Salem, not much happened today. We are revamping the Rolling Shoe Box site, hoping to make a few dollars from the Google advertisements, books, and other things we are providing on the site.  If you like our site, support it by looking at the Google advertisements, and if your as nutty as us, and would like to know about full time RV living, get a full time families membership, and or buy a book.