We Tour “Absolute Storage Caves”

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August 9, 2011 – After seeing friends and family, We Tour “Absolute Storage Caves”.

14-150x150During the first half of the day, Holly Shae, and Sarah spent their time shopping for clothing at Lancaster Mall, while I visited with my Brother Randy, Dad, and our friend Mike.  The awesome threesome then spent the second half of the day in the deep dark cave that we refer to as our storage unit; gathering clothes to donate to Goodwill. Athena and Sarah filled the car all the way to the top with clothes that went to donation. Athena has not decided if we are continuing to travel as my Dr. recommended (he believes I need to follow the sun), or to settle down in Salem, she would like the kids to attend Livingston Adventist Academy, and is waiting to hear from them to find out if it is in the cards. In order for her to want to stay here though, it seems a lot of stars need to line up, like getting the girls accepted, getting financial aid, and getting employment.  What ever happens, I just want to quit paying for storage. The unit is 12′H x 12′w x 40′L. $212 a month. Wonder if I could squeeze all that into our 10′w x 32′L RV? Sounds like work, no matter how it play out. Well it is time to stop typing the blog, my berry pickers have arrived with fresh blackberries and Rocky Road Ice Cream.

Good Evening and Good Night