Well I guess today is not the end of the world in fact…

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May 21, 2011 – Well I guess today is not the end of the world in fact…

  For many, it is just the beginning, and they are looking forward to soaring into tomorrow.  In some ways we are disappointed that the end did not come and glad that it did not. Gas has finally dropped to $3.88 a gallon, the sun is out and the pool is nice, who could ask for more?  Could not ask for a better Saturday in the park with lots of new life.Read 1 Thessalonians, and 2nd Thessalonians today, in reading those books we find people have been predicting the end of time, quitting there jobs and spreading the message, since shortly after Christs death. The Apostle Paul had to deal with this in his life, he told his faithful servants that Christ will come back when God chooses, and he is not sharing that information with anyone ahead of his arrival. Paul said that while we wait, we are to be good Christians, serving our Lord by working hard in our jobs, raising our families and being good to all who we encounter.

It is easy to get caught up in notions that agree with our ultimate hopes, but as we have seen, one can get hurt in the process. Camping and his followers probably sincerely believed that Christ was coming back; and he wanted it to be so; and most likely inadvertently and unknowingly hammered the Bible to fit his version of what he thought should be. We all do this with one thing or another in life, and as a result make bad judgment calls from time to time.

Now that the time predicted end has passed, it is time to realize these people were normal people that made an honest and very public mistake. Some of these people are tremendous marketers, graphics artist, and business people, not to mention so loyal that they were willing to give all they had. I would love these people marketing what ever I had to sell. We need to remember them in our prayers tonight, that they can recover from their mistakes mentally, physically, and financially, thus being able to contribute in a more profitable way to society and the glory of God.

We expect to be out of contact with the World for the next 5 days, we will be in Yosemite starting tomorrow morning. If there are no blogs and you can not reach us, we were probably not lucky enough to have been raptured, we are just out enjoying one of God’s great creations and wonders.

Good evening and good night….

PS: We are looking forward to the second coming of God, but he has not published the bus schedule.