What does one do on earth’s last full day?

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May 20, 2011 – What does one do on earth’s last full day?

We don’t know, we have not experienced it yet. I was feeling a little sluggish today, Holly was overly challenged by Algebra and kind of Cranky, Sarah was her usual happy self driving all the less happy insane. We had planned to go out and do our shopping at 9am, got out about 11, then in my great wisdom, I was sure camping World was well south of here and took us on a long scenic drive in the country. Since we forgot the GPS, they all had a hard time convincing me that there would be no camping world just past the next grape vineyard. Once we reached the outer bounds of the city of Hollister, I gave up and decided that North was definitely the answer. Thirty Miles north on 101 took us to Morgan Hill, just North of our campground, and guess what, we found Camping World. We got what we needed the headed back south on 101 to Gilroy and had the $1.50 lunch of champions at Costco. Then on to our home away from home; Walmart, back in camp by 4:30. Sarah wants to learn Spanish, so we loaded a Spanish class on her PC, but she said it sucks. Athena Washed the car using a waterless cleaner that we keep in a 409 bottle called Bullet. It is against the rules to wash your RV or car in most places with water, it has to be done via a waterless cleaner. One last note, never wash your car using 409, it leaves the surface sticky! Sticky is bad if you drive through a dust storm, trust us, we know! Well that is another day shot to a small unincorporated town in Michigan.

Have a good evening and a good night…