Wish it’s the plumber who came to fix the sink

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5July 22, 2011 – Wish its the plumber who came to fix the sink

But the RV is stuck with just plain folks like us when it is ill. Being as handy as we are, we ripped out the sink to repair the faucet. Basically used the nuclear bomb theory.

Note crack in Faucet keeps getting us wet, so we want to install a new faucet in Our R.V.0

We stare at the project

1Sarah Develops a game plan, Looks like a government document to me. Must be good to go…2We look under the sink at the nuts that hold the faucet down. We can’t get them from below. We decide to remove the sink. 3

Unscrew drain pipes 4 5 Unscrew clamps under the counter. Sarah fit under the sink nicely and so she got to remove these. 6Pull sink up and remove nuts and hoses. They were only hand tight.7

Insert new faucet base plate through existing holes.8

Thread sprayer hose through sink 9Thread rest of faucet through10

Screw on faucet base nuts11

Install washers with neopreme one on top13

Screw on large faucet nut. Requires small hands, that is Sarah’s role.14

Tighten everything down with a wrench, so it will not slip. Just one turn is enough.15Attach water lines16 17

Scrape off old caulking from the sink edges, then recaulk sink in place. 18

Get some one who can do the limbo to reconnect the drains and replace the clamps we took off earlier.


Enjoy the fruits of all this hellish work. Took 1.5 hours. We did the bathroom the same way it only took 15 minutes since we are now experienced.


Good Evening and Good Night!