Woke up and found out I needed my rear end lubricated

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August 10, 2011 Woke up and found out I needed my rear end lubricated

It was just one of those days, woke up with a serious mood issue, and went down hill from there. Kids stayed up too late for me, then we had to hurry off to get the cars oil changed. Turns out that the codes on the dash that indicate oil change required indicate other things as well. Turns out the CRV requires its rear end get a lube job every 15000 miles of yearly depending upon what comes first. We bought an oil change contract and a maintenance contract when we got the car. Turns out it is only good in New Jersey! So instead of getting a free oil change today, we were told it would take 3 hours, and $190.00 Never had to spend so much on maintenance for such a new vehicle before. I told him it just was not my day, and we could not really afford 3 hours, we had business to get done. From here, I have nothing but good things to say! O’Brien Honda of Salem really came to the rescue! They gave us a car to use at no charge while they performed the work on ours. We took the car, got our work done, and came back when they told us to, our car was done, waiting, and the charge only $160.00 and no charge for the loaner, not even for fuel. I was really upset that I did not get to get the car washed this morning as planned, but they took care of that too. What a refreshing change over Abilene Honda!IMG_0304-150x150

Well, other than major allergies and grumpiness, we are doing well. Holly is running off to spend the night with Shae tonight, guess Holly will be short on sleep tomorrow.

Good Evening and Good Night!!