Work day

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May 24, 2011 – Work day

We got word that Gwen passed away yesterday. Thank you to those that have been praying for her and her family. We know the prayers did not go unanswered, they were not answered the way we had hoped. To our minds it seems so senseless to say the least. Now we ask that you remember her family, both immediate, and extended, as they pick up the pieces and endure this new reality. We can only trust that God being able to see the beginning from the end, knows what he is doing.

As for us, there is not much going on today, Holly is working on year end exams. Athena is cleaning house, and I am putting together the pictures, and blogs so that when we go to the lodge here at the campground we can post them using the park internet.  We have a Wilson brand signal booster and external Antenna stacked on top of the Veizon Mi-Fi card and with a lot of patience we are able to read an email now and then, but can not reply. We have no cellular service on our Straight Talk Phones out side of the city down in the Valley, about 2 hours drive, so voice communication is not in the cards for us

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