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May 23, 2011 – Yosemite

We got out late, as teens need their sleep. In one way this was good, as it gave the fog time to lift out of the park, but in another way, this was a disaster. Sad to say, but there was no room to stop at any of the Yosemite attractions. We did not expect that being it is a weekday and mid May. We took a quick driving tour and managed to get some photos along the way. Yosemite is not as big as I had thought, certainly is not Yellowstone, Moab, or Zion, and can be seen well enough in a day. We wanted to travel south to see the Sequoia park, but time and weather did not allow for that. For viewing water falls in May is the time to be here, they water falls are large, full, and pretty. For lots of hiking and viewing the whole park, May is not the time to be here, Tioga pass and Glacier hwy are still closed as well as other spurs in the park due to snow. The weather, and Holly’s finals are getting the better of her and her moods, so we do not expect to get any further exploring done in this area on this trip. We will want to go to Meriposa on the South entrance next time we are through, it would also be nice to get up early some time and rise the free park shuttle around Yosemite and get a closer look at some of the water falls.

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