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July 31, 2011 – YUCK!!!! I GOT PEACH!!!! 

The beans were both orange; one Barf flavor and the other peach! He did not want peach!  28We went to the Obsidian  it was fun, hot, and tiring, but everyone had a good time learning about Lava, Obsidian (It is sharp like glass). Good thing Athena was there, I forgot how sharp it was and told Chris thongs were just fine for walking on the Obsidian. Athena had him put on tennis shoes, I think he was happy with that idea in the end. Don’t bother bringing a picnic to Paulina Lake, it is feeding season for the mosquitoes.
The object is climb the obsidian flow


Team 1 2

Team 2


The mountain


View from the path


Chris tries to eliminate the competition


Holly fights back! but the odds are slightly in his favor. We agreed, they put down their rocks, I put down my wit, and we kill each other like civilized people.


Sarah and the boys have no part, and head up the side of the mountain. Who needs trails when you have band aids.

8 9

The kids win


What a view


Holly eventually becomes the queen of the obsidian mountain. 12

We stop at Paulina Lake 13

For a picnic, but the mosquitos were out and we were soon to be the main course, so we packed up and ate in the car.


After lunch we head to the Lava Cast forest up an 8 mile gravel road.


Chris is crazy enough to follow us up, dust and all.


Holly is standing in a whole left by some poor tree that could not take the heat from the lava.


Holly is standing in a whole left by some poor tree that could not take the heat from the lava.


The boys are rigging a rope set to lower themselves into a tree hole. Down they go. Boys are brave!


I threw Chris in just to see how deep it is. He asked me to let him out, but I left him. So many people these just take a picture of trouble, then leave. Makes great artwork.


His wife is now happy, so is his baby. 21

Cool view from the lava cast forest 22

Kids climb in the caves left behind by the logs 23

These two are tired, and are hiding out in a cave after running all day. 24

Blaze found the king of caves 25 26

Its the end of an inning and another gallon of ice cream needs to be polished off. 27

Have a good evening and a good night…