Rolling Shoe Box 2014 Year in Review

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What a year 2014 was, we decided to migrate to a platform that could better support mobile devices, that took a little over a year to move the blogs, and we still have campground reviews and RV tips to go. For now, here is a recap of 2014.

This year, our newly weds have needed a lot of support, driving home in my mind that marriage should only embarked upon once one has fully established a career that will support a couple. Moving from job to job to rental to rental is expensive financially, emotionally and physically for more than just the couple.

Well Christmas 2013 is over and we say good buy to the Seguero’s and head west while the kids board a plane and head to their home in Salem, Oregon.

13 IMG_6099 We arrive in Long Beach California and take a long walk on a pier

IMG_6102 Bird is fishing

IMG_6105 This sign needed to be printed in birdeze, so the birds would know of this danger.

IMG_6115 This guy did not get the message and his head is turning a color of green I usually call yellow.

IMG_6154 Global climate change is messing with the surf, it is no longer surf-able, and is now home to the little surfer girl. (Sorry guys, your Volkswagen bus’s emissions did in your careers.)

IMG_6156 Another bird taking off. Note to self: These things are loud, and smell like kerosene. He is probably on a mission to find out why the area has smog and global warming. His mission would get the best results if he did the air test while following himself. Like every man, his emissions are silent and don’t stink. Hmm, some one should noodle on this, maybe man could become self propelled.

IMG_6157 We like to play at Coronado Beach, but we have to forgo the ice cream, it is only for rich or stupid people.

IMG_6199 Sarah found a cool juicy salad at the beach.

IMG_6215 These guys fly not stop, but they never dive for fish like their pelican counter parts. These guys have to eat regularly too. Seems they get hungry rather quickly as the return to base every fifteen minutes or so. Seems as if it would be more efficient if the emulated the feeding habits of the pelicans.

IMG_6219 Concrete life guard station, guess they don’t want to be bothered by the beach goers. Nice view though.

IMG_6232 This guy missed the mouth of the bay and came in on the wrong side of the jetty at Mission beach in San Diego. The beach patrol hooked the boat to a couple pickups so it would not go anywhere while waiting for the coast guard. The police took this opportunity to write him some notes regarding a parking violation.

IMG_6235 Here comes the Coast Guard to pull him back out to sea. I got too tired to hang and see how this one worked out. Looked like a dance in the surf to me.

IMG_6323 Well, Snow birding was short lived this year, the kids needed us back to help them with an urgent problem. Snow’s pretty, but I prefer the surf and grass of California this time of the year, grass is warmer than snow. Who knew Newport, Oregon is so darn cold in the winter.

IMG_6309Sarah shows us snow makes cool pop-cycles IMG_6346 Down on the beach, first week of February.IMG_6348 IMG_6353 IMG_6368 IMG_6394 Check valve froze on the hot water heater and committed suicide. We had to remove the bypass kit, and cut the hoses and make connect them with out the bypass valve. Athena put a new check valve on the end and reconnected them to the hot water heater. Losing hot water for over a month made us real appreciative of hot water. By the way, if you have no water coming from you hot water faucet, it is probably your check valve busted.

IMG_6620 Snow is gone

IMG_6623 The sewers over flow, but the city blames it on algea

IMG_6653 Back up north we see Sarah climb the Astoria Column

IMG_6666 We arrive in Seaside, we get a call stating John can’t walk. His mom flies up and gets him out of the hospital, and brings him to Seaside.IMG_6674 I told him I would buy him Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen if he could get to walking again this week.

IMG_6680 IMG_6681 We are at Silver falls, and as you can see Ice Cream Cake is the modern Penicillin.

IMG_6684 IMG_6691 IMG_6692 IMG_6698
IMG_6711 Sarah is taking photos of the tulips. They turned out really good, Athena has them as wall paper on her computer.

IMG_7302Up at Friday Harbor, one of our friends makes really cool pens!

IMG_7305 Head back to Chehalis

IMG_7310 Suck in traffic, we get to see the guts of a VolkswagenIMG_7313 IMG_7317

Eight hours later we arrive in Chehalis. They have a redneck slip and slide out. Just add laundry detergent and water to the tarp. The thing is slicker than snot on a wet door knob. The kids shoot down the hill like grease through a goose!IMG_7318 We go to the Clark County fair county fair with Steve Raymond and family. It was fun.


Give a lady a gun, give here ultimate happiness.


Sarah is my tractor girl. She gets to run the back hoe.IMG_7349 We immediately run from the fair to my mom’s. Have to pass through George, Washington on the way.

IMG_7352 Storm comes in as soon as we get here, there is no rain made of water, it is raining dirt!

IMG_7353 IMG_7363 There were casualties

IMG_7375 Sunflowers survived???IMG_7378 Harvest appricottsIMG_7391 IMG_7398 Packing plantIMG_7402 Turn them to juice, I have no idea what for.


This father must be important, looks like he is buried in the Spokane river overlook.spokanefalls spokanesarah

IMG_7434 My Mom and Ron(Step Dad), are looking good today.

IMG_7508 Heading back west we take a peak at Mt. Rainier. They tell us there are no more glaciers here due to global climate change. This must be a fresh August snow fall.

rainiercreek rainierlake rainierview IMG_7576 My neice

IMG_7582 An I- don’t-know-what-it-is bug. We found it at my sisters house somewhere in a town by the Columbia River. I can’t remember where, so don’t ask.

IMG_7585 Back at the beach, we love sunny beaches.

IMG_7586 Athena’s Birthday, I think she turns another year older, but she does not look it.

IMG_7590 Haystack rock cannon beach, we usually avoid this place. There are too many tourists.

IMG_7605 We meet Chris and family on the beach the kids play on the Peter Ireadale.

IMG_7610 I told him to drive fast across the dry sand when on Oregon Beaches. He did not drive fast enough. Luckily a Canadian and all of us dug the wheels out, and the county Sheriff and couple other rigs hooked him up and gave his a pull. Since the bottom of the frame was securely fastened to the sand it took a lot of fire power to get this truck out.

IMG_7632 Kids try their luck at clam digging. I think they have a future here.

IMG_7651 Proudly showing off our crew, before heading to Moe’s for supper.

IMG_7654 Hester sees SarahIMG_7666 Trippen RV

IMG_7673 Longbeach Washinton, we find enough meat to keep McDonalds in business for a year.

IMG_7691 We found a mine, it just washed up.  We try to open it so we can see what is inside. (We discover, that the days of the glass floats are over.)

IMG_7695 IMG_7713 IMG_7720 IMG_7725 IMG_7731 Another bird we do not know, and we are at home!

IMG_7743 Stop and see Paul, wish he could come with us. Paul is enthusiastic about everything.

IMG_7745We deliver Holly back to John at Darker’s house where they are renting a room. This place is creepy, or really cool depending upon what you are into. It stinks to0 much for my taste, so I mostly hang in the car.
IMG_7776 IMG_7777 IMG_7792 Back in Sedonna I am happier.IMG_7793 IMG_7795 Thanksgiving it here, Athena made turkeyIMG_7798 IMG_7799 IMG_7802 Twins – both are cute

IMG_7805 I love the Railroad park in Scottsdale. I can go, it is free!

IMG_7806 IMG_7808 IMG_7811 This place is on my bucket list. When I get my bucket full of bread, I am heading straight here with Athena and Sarah.

IMG_7812Train station replica
IMG_7821 Athena and Sarah head out on the Black Canyon trail. It is long, and not much to write home about.

IMG_7823 We have to camp in the dirt. Not enough days available to us in the campground to serve Holly and John.

IMG_7831 They are archaeologist, gynecologist, geologist or some kind of “ologist” anyway. If now they could only bill for their services.

IMG_7832 IMG_7845 Verde River! I hear rumors there are fish in it.

IMG_7847 Christmas againIMG_7851 That hill is hatching minions! I knew there was something sinister about Sedona!

IMG_7852 IMG_7853 Chris, Kimberly and kids. They are fun to hang out with.

IMG_7854 IMG_7864 Christmas party

IMG_7891 We had to bring the tree inside, it kept vanishing in the night. It kept getting picked up by the wind Grinch and dropped in strange places.IMG_7901 Sarah is the star of Christmas, and all her grandparents remembered her well.

IMG_7911 Snow again!!! but we are in the South!!!!! Humbug!

IMG_7913 IMG_7922 Cocoa and games make kids happy on snowy day.
IMG_7942 We move to Casa Grand RV Park in Casa Grand, Az. It is warmer here, and they serve free waffles in the morning. I want to be a resident for a long time like maybe a month.

IMG_7943 Randy, since I am always thinking of you, and know just how much you like my laundry room photo’s; this one is for you. 🙂

IMG_7962 We arrive a Quartzsite, and build a fire.IMG_7969 Look at all the people who came to join us in the dirtIMG_7978 Kids make fireIMG_7981 We arrive in Sweetwater County park by San Diego. Our normal park is full so we wait here for it to open up. This is a very nice park.

IMG_8002 Balboa park is our favorite free place in San diegoIMG_8008 IMG_8012 IMG_8015When a woman does this, it is agape love. There is no greater. I have to look no further. She never ceases to be the Woman of my dreams.
IMG_8017 Checking out Oceanside CaliforniaIMG_8018 IMG_8019 IMG_8021Need a lot of bread to sleep in this dive
IMG_8040 IMG_8043 Strange lizzard

IMG_8045 San diego from Coronado IslandIMG_8047 IMG_8049 This dude has relaxation figured out. Cruise n smooth at least until a battleship comes in.IMG_8051 IMG_8058 Point Loma shoreIMG_8064 Looks like someone I know, but he usually wears pants

IMG_8065 Mobile skyscraper

IMG_8071 Moved to Hemmet, out normal park is full, so we hang here waiting for an opening.  I’ll do a park review once I remember where we are.

IMG_8079 They lit up the pond for us.

IMG_8080 IMG_8083 IMG_8090 Athena is working on restoring the blog. Sure hard work.

IMG_8091 We made it to Wilderness Lakes. Athena is hooking us up. The water pipe broke a couple weeks into our stay. The repair guy said we hit it, the maintenance supervisor was able to see the bigger picture. There is a tree between the pipe and the RV. Pipe is our of reach of RV frame. Supervisor guy figures the pipe fitter forgot to let the glue dry. Anyway, they were good to us and found us a new spot on an island.

IMG_8096 More Canadians


No idea what this is, thank you for spending all of 2014 with us and drifting into 2015 with our with out your expectation of sailing through time so quickly.

Have a good year and a good night