Grand Canyon with the Raymonds April 2015

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Buddy sites, kinda
Steve and I find we are parked next to each other. They said they would not do that for us, but they did.
The RV’s are lined up in perfect little rows appealing to many of the Meyer’s Briggs personality type INTJ. I wonder what the polar opposite of this personality type would be? Would it be fun to expose them to this park?

A man’s got to love this place, perfect order, except the asphalt is too soft to hold an RV.

Weather was cold and windy by day every day we were here. It was colder at night. Maybe early April is too soon
Easter egg
Lauren decides it is high time we make some Easter. So it’s a good thing we went to Walmart, where they could sell us more Easter for our money.
More Easter
The master Easter egg designer Grace has shown up to line up the production systems.
Easter dying
Easter makers are in full swing
Thank God for Capitalism, and Mr. Ford for teaching us about the assembly line. The ladies have mass produced another beautiful group of Easter Eggs. Athena popped the over due big question to me. “Who is going to hide the eggs?” Like I should know, I was not a part of this, had I been, I would have gone out and bought a rabbit! Can’t they hide them?
Teens do Easter
I have the answer, Sarah and Seth! They are just staring at a computer! They can hide the eggs. With a job well done on my end, it is time to crash into my bed.

Sure wish the camera were as forgiving with me as it is the RV carpet!  What’s with that any way Canon?

Steam engine
Steve’s family heads off to the Canyon on a train, but not this one. It is steam, can’t use it as their must be a water shortage or something.
Soybean shortage kills vegetarians in America
The Real Grand Canyon Railway is diesel fired, they say it is bio diesel. I hope their engines have more longevity than mine running on soybeans.

Well, Steve and family are long gone, so we head home and have Easter service at our RV with Kevin Moon and family. Kevin did a great job explaining the Resurrection of Christ, and how that is the reason we can partake in an eternal life after this life, in-spite of our current morbid inescapable terminally mortal state of being. Reading Mathew through Corinthians really has a great lesson for us all, just as it did when it was originally written for the people that received the first copy. Kevin, if you see this, know we really appreciated your company this last Easter morning.

Lauren and Grace find a Shae
Shay No. 5 Flex Fuel
The Raymond family is back among us. The train trip wore out the adults. The kids however found me what may be the first flex fuel powered vehicle since the jack ass. This iron horse ways in at 141,000 pounds just a shade heavier than my self and does indeed run of flex fuel switching between coal and wood depending upon what is available with out getting indigestion. like me. So here you have it, flex fuel in 1923.
Lord of the Rings and the Grand Canyon
Everyone is over watching the Lord of the Rings, except those who decided to do something else tonight. They say those of us who do not watch the Lord of the Rings, are rather square. I would like to challenge that notion, they might just find the Lord of the Rings slightly boring, and choose to write intelligent and well thought out blogs instead. Oh, the scenery in Lord of the Rings is very similar to that of the Grand canyon, save out the Mordor metro area. So I guess the movie is in spirit of this trip.
All men love these guys, but there seems to be something special about the grey wizard. I think they love watching tall men in Hobbit houses.

Finally the weather breaks in the Grand Canyon, too much darkness and unbridled wind is not good for the soul.

Life insurance and the Grand Canyon
Come on; Try it; You will like it! Really? what in our history together makes you think we should walk a long ways, and stand on the edge of a cliff? Oh, that’s right, I forgot we still have that life insurance policy.
hollowed ground
When the dark shadows come across Athena’s face, I begin to tremble at what she is thinking. Her power makes the earth shake and her beauty brings about the unbearable load of competition of other interested parties. It is good to keep her away from hollowed ground. Or, maybe stand at a different angle to the sun when taking the picture. Problem was, the other side of her would have excluded the canyon and lacked earth.
Seth and Sarah
Sarah and Seth were watching the Grand Canyon until I came along with the camera. Sarah knows knows to just remember to ignore me like teenagers do. Seth keeps close tabs on the camera which tells me, his parents must not shoot him very often.
Making money in the canyon
This is a really deep hole and really wide too. Imagine how much water the southerns states would have if they did something responsible with this piece of real-estate. Lets dam this thing from top to bottom and wait for the Colorado to back up. Arizona would truly have some ocean front property to dispose of. Everyone would be smiling all the way to the yacht and ski supply store.
big hole in the ground
Sure is big, must go on for a mile
skydiving freestyle
Don’t leave the trail and walk on the edges, they might have been carved out by the wind leaving you to take on the next expected extreme sport of freestyle skydiving. (That, is not a good thing, but 128 people on average take the plunge each year.) Kids, you need to understand the crews come out here for you are on a recovery mission, not a rescue mission. Your parents can explain this. It is a really big hole, it is really cool to look at, and we are happy the national park service preserves if for us. Please enjoy it for the trails.
jackasses all over the Grand Canyon
Look at those jack asses! They stand baking in the sun, holding their bowels while the riders are neatly tucked a way in their comfort stations. Looks like men have the upper hand on them now, but the real trails are coming.
Grand Canyon Sianara
That’s all there is to the Grand Canyon, just a great big green and red hole that you take unruly people to in hopes that they will walk along the edges. What more is there to say, its not ADA accessible so we know no more.
fun at fort grand canyon
Well, it has come time to say goodby. Grace and Lauren, be sure to tell your Mom and Dad thanks for the breakfast the other day, it was fun. Lauren also keep and eye out for those green squishy mounds of balled up stuff, you step in that, and you have really found something. For now, we know you have to hit the dusty trail and head to your home up north. We are already missing you all, and I am sure your missing us too. So we are taking it upon ourselves to show up at your door one weekend in may. If your curious when, text us, and when we get the dates carved in stone, we’ll give you the stone.

It was great seeing you all, looking forward to when we meet again. Until then happy trails.

Good evening and good night