Next stop – Spanish Fork, Utah to See our friends Steve and Mendie

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Well we got up good and early to leave Hurricane Utah for Spanish Fork and left good and late. Still trying to figure out why we can no longer replicate the propane smell. We think it was the hundreds of green canisters we had down below, and one of them decided to pass gas. We removed the green cans. turned off the propane and headed north.Me looking at you looking at me I got the comfy seat as we rolled up I-15 at a crazy speed of nearly 65 MPH. We can’t even feel the speed without the aid of sharp corners. I should straighten up some day, we would feel less enclosed. Mountains by Provo For awhile we just see mountains.industry south of provo Then Industry, doing something involving trucks and dirt. They probably make NSA agents from scratch. That explain why the NSA picked Utah for its data storage.Canyon View RV Park We hung a right on hwy 6, and found a place to put in at Canyon view RV park in Spanish Fork. They only charge $15 a night for water and electric, which seems like a lot when your only used to $1.57 a night in Thousand Trails. Hey, I just noticed we are in Spanish Fork, and Athena found our destination. Now we have to take a couple hours digging out from the trip, sleeping out in the dirt the last few nights was messy.View of another mountain in Spanish Forks We made it to Steve’s house, it a nice place and has a great view of the mountains from the fireplace on the back patio. The back patio makes a great place to visit Steve if one has a fire, long underwear, and a rain coat. Those cold fronts, and thunderstorms are sneaky. Steve did not seem to mind them however. He’s like Sarah and can wear shorts in a blizzard.gazebo spanish forks utah Back at our camp we investigate and find a gazebo, lake and a lot of grass.Meadow Maggots near the power houseThe lake is filled by the Spanish Forks river which generates a little power. There is a Sign that says “No Trespassing” which does not obviously apply to the meadow maggots. The reason for this of course is powerhouse staff workers are paid well, are hoping the meadow maggots will connect with a hot wire, supplying instant mutton for all.
Let some one else walk it! We found a trail in the park that the sign says is 97 miles long.  It was not very long before we discovered that the sign people forgot a decimal. The trail goes across a little bride then yonder to another park in town. Even with my worst navigation skills, it would be a few miles. Really, who needs a decimal anyway. Just pass the mutton and potatoes!Navigable river in Spanish forks This is the Spanish Forks river, it is said to be the river that lead the Spanish to Spanish Forks because it is navigable. Navigable from where to where? I am not sure the hobbits could have navigated this in their wine barrels. How times change?We use a bridge to cross Spanish Forks River This is the bridge to the 97 mile trail that is probably .97 miles. Grammar is everywhere including math.  Engineers, often despise grammar, and yet can’t sleep without their math book. Those who love grammar seldom have the logic of an engineer, I however am a slave to neither. Just a love for our country and a keyboard.Father and Daughter make desert Steve and Grace a working hard serving desert, and lucky me they still like me at that point. We have been have a wonderful time visiting with Steve and family, but our waking up at noon, is like waking up in the middle of the day from their perspective.Box Elder Bugs Mating We got home and there were billions upon billions of box elder bugs in our house. Athena took them all back outside using a dust pan brush and a dust pan. It took like hours, finally these two finished what they were doing and we could put them out side without disturbing anything.abearfriend They took us to Park City Utah where the Olympics were held a few years back. Don’t even think of living here, there was an advertisement for a one bedroom apartment asking just $2000.00 per month! Now I know why people choose to live down in the salt flats!

Lauren was more intelligent than I by finding a less expensive symbol of security. Lauren found herself a bearfriend, kind of cold and hard, but everyone appears happy.grace Grace found herself! Doing so now, should save here a lot of heart ache down the road. You would not believe how many people are running around in RV’s trying to find themselves.Park City

Park City building styles are kind of a cool East meets the West motif, they need to remove the cars, add some Louisianan style river boats, a police department taken right out of “gunsmoke”, and maybe a brewery or two. Now that would make this sleepy little skiers haven into happening little town. “Park City – Utah on its edge” Guess there is a reason city council has not invited me to sit on the city council.Wet Bar Lauren found a great little pub, with a water feature that doubles as a wet bar when things get busy.Teen Tuba Trap Seth our musical member found a Saxophone, it is tangled up in these odd ring thingies. Good thing for Seth is he brought an engineer who loves puzzles. She should have it apart in no time. Park City Sky Bridge I see my friends and family on a sky bridge, so I shoot them when they are least expecting it.WasatchBreweryCleansed Well, Park City does have a brew pub, “The Wasatch Brewery” don’t worry about getting drunk, most people in the world can barely afford one. The food’s good, but split it with someone you trust not to give you a disease. Your spouse should be a good prospect.  This pub created a polygamy porter and put the sign above on billboards all over Utah. It caused a big brew-ha-ha, they gained tons of negative publicity.  The negative publicity worked better than the bill boards themselves and now business is booming. The rest- like polygamy in Utah- is history. If you want that, you’ll have to go to Arizona.New age childrenOur last day with our friends Sarah and Seth are reading a book in their new age format, or playing video games, can’t tell the difference now days. Algebra, “War and Peace”, and “Packman” all look the same to me. Sadly though our great visit came to an end, and we had to get our covered wagon pointed to Oregon.

Well we’ll miss you all. It was fun and we will be through again. That’s not a warning, it’s a promise. (Disclaimer: unless we die first).

Good evening and good night…