Say GoodBye to Arizona

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This article is kind of like Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy, only Olive Garden did not write the article and we have never been to Italy, so here it is.

The Rolling Shoe Box – Tour of Arizona. With us, we guarantee you will get what you pay for.

(Disclaimer, if you’re expecting food, all you’re going to get is interesting pictures and a lot of scrolling.)

Dam Close RV's We got a nice buddy site in our RV park, they even supply the buddies. Just hope his diet is healthy otherwise the exhaust will cause us to leave early. The sites are mostly level on at least one axis.Buddy Site Out the other door we were supplied with another buddy who is from Ohio. His truck broke a fuel injector, so he was gone to the mechanic spending a thousand dollars for a new one. I would have probably just capped the injector hole on the engine and bragged about the new econo engine I just designed, with one little threaded cap and duct tape. Fixing things out here seems expensive. Even after giving up a thousand dollars of retirement money, he was pleasant company.little buddy and dearest friendIt appears some one lost a gerbil and he made his way into our site, now we have three buddies. Little brown furry creatures always make it to the top of the buddy list. I do fear the traveling around in little under ground tunnels is inviting danger. Rattle snakes live there too, and I am sure he would make a great snack.


Sexy Women Showing off Bush
Rolling Shoe Box Senior Model, She’ll distract the eye from every subject while enhancing the subject at the same time. – Ever notice that Hot Rod Magazine uses them scrawny under dressed women in their photos? That’s cause they want them cars to look beefy and sexy. It’s all perspective.

rose tree boring without my wife

Now the bush is plain and perhaps lonely. Hopefully it can survive without her.
view from car Well we did not come here to let our tires rot so off to Phoenix we go. We take the long way through a prickly forest of Saguaro cacti. Don’t drive on them though, juicing is illegal here.Saltrivercamping

We did not exactly take the shortest route to Phoenix, after passing through a town called Pine, we found ourselves on the Salt River. As an added bonus, we found a giant boon docking area (place to take an RV that is not in a park, has no utilities, and leaves you to your own wits for survival) that is flat and easy to get to. The lake view is seldom replicated in an RV resort and when it is no one I know can pay the bill.

salt River

The salt river length wisecool Arizona bridge A cool bridge going over a little bay-like areaAwesome picture of RV on bridge

Can you find the RV? Is Waldo Driving?Dam thing

Theodore Roosevelt Dam, it does quite a job with obstructing the flow of the river. So well that no water arrives in Phoenix most years. This dam is for keeping water out of Phoenix, and creating lots of electric power. Lose this dam every teen will riot and overthrow the government when their I phones, I Pads, and any other I-thingy they have quits!  Yes, Arizona hydro electric power is actually useful in your state so put down those protest signs and check your email.
NSA anti-terrorism measure

The NSA was tasked with protecting the dam, and the EPA demanded their strategy to be green. The dam people did a wonderful job, the defense is green, and quite pretty if I must say so myself. The stickers, should detour most anything short of a Dalek which of course is a more of an immediately immanent danger than global climate change.Dam History

Dam sign

baggage from phoenix

We picked up a few hitch hikers in Phoenix, and they said take me to the Bell, we dropped them here. run to bell rock

Off like a shot, they head for the bell. Bell Rock Sedona Arizona

I find that from the car window right before a nice well earned nap, I could get closer to the bell than they ever will with my Cannon sure shot and the 20x natural zoom. Who needs binoculars? Ended up listening to a nice Christian station about Grace before falling asleep, don’t think I learned anything, but I woke up to noises all over my car, and it smelled like I was standing too close to the football team. Once I determined I was for sure not in a dream state and I was in fact lucid, it sunk in that my steel shell was in fact being trampled by Asian tourist. They were on the hood, leaning over the back, and even a limb or two in the car, using me as their tripod to photograph for their friends and masters a picture of this bell. Happily another noise filled the air and they all scurried to their air conditioned bus. Now I know why some folks don’t like us tourist so much. Foreigners need a debriefing on what in not acceptable around my car before they come. I may need that sermon on grace and mercy again. Remember, if you are in a place where you don’t know anyone, your probably the tourist in their eyes, try not to be a bother to them, otherwise they might try to treat you like in-laws. Any way, its time to leave this trauma behind, don’t worry, those kids will make it home.bugI don’t know what it is, but it looks like a scary bug with a long pokey thing sticking out of its butt. Maybe it mated with a scorpion or something. You know this Tour of Arizona has been great, but it is time to move on. Maybe we will try Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy thing hopefully their are no bugs there, and they don’t treat us like family.


Hope you enjoyed Arizona – Good Evening and Good Night…..