Zion and Dirt Camping

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CameoofmydriverandbossCanyousayhotchickbehindthewheelWe are on the road again, my beautiful wife behind the wheel again. Leaving Flag staff headed for Hurricane Utah. She’s so relaxed at the wheel it leaves me in reverent awe. 
IndianShoppingMall about60milesfromkanab We come up on a major Navajo shopping mall about 60 miles west of Kanab Utah. Can’t stop now, we have some place to be. Were late, very late.Arizonaoutback1percenters

Where the 1% of the Native American Arizonan outback folks live.  Seems high time we cut them a better deal.LeavingFlagStaffWeRiseandFallWithTheLand We still rise and fall with the land, pedal to the metal and steering wheel tight in hand.theseguysneedtogetaroom These two trucks really should get a room. Unbelievable what some are willing to try in public these days.ClimbinguptoColoradoCity A steep red grade holds us down in the 40’s but we are focused on our arrival in Hurricane, Utah, just on the other side of Colorado City which has a reputation as colorful as the landscape it self.Ournewhomejustoutsideofhurricaneutah Our new home. We have arrived on a piece of BLM ground just outside of Hurricane one has to be made of steel or be stupid to bring a class A’ down here. There is some concern that we may be the latter.EnteringZion We made it to Zion, with the car, and no RV. First thing we have done right this week. The town had no parking available, and the visitors center was the same. When we checked with the gate lady, she said after 7am it is very difficult to find parking. We told her all we needed was a handicap space near a shuttle and we would be good. She one upped us, she had a special permit that we placed on our window that gave us access to all open spaces in the entire park. No shuttle required! I used up all nine lives worth of luck in one stop!stopatthelodgetopee We arrive at the Zion lodge which makes a neat place evacuate our bladders. The area behind the building is quite private.forgevirginrivertogettoemeraldpool We walk across the Virgin river headed out on a .6 mile accessible walk to the Emerald pool.emeraldpoolhardlyworththewalk After what felt like forty hours of wrestling a bear to get up to this point, we find the Emerald Pool. The trail was really hard, and full of people. The pool in the mid section of this photo looks much like a bucket of algae.  I guess water is so scarce in southern Utah, that they might confuse a mud puddle with a beautiful pool. Just so they don’t lead Ponce De Leon here. I would fear for his bowels.emeralpoolhasanaturalmisteruntilthewarmweathertakehold The redeeming feature is that they installed a mister on the top of the cliff, that should be cooling off park guest until the water supply runs out mid summer. We have had lots of rain and snow this year, so the mister has been quite healthy.LeavingZion Cool field here, I can just see the herds of Buffalo and the cowboys being paid by the feds to mow them down. If only, they had known about buffalo burger back then. They would have been rich!Parkshuttle We arrive at the last shuttle stop, the canyon becomes spectacular here. You can hike in the river for a long ways to see something. You can hike to Angels Rest to look down on every one, lots of cool things to do in Zion.zioncanyonwalkway Trail to the waters edge goes along the canyon wall. I stayed in the car, while Athena continued on. Emerald Pool killed me.thelongwalkonthevirgin Therestofthisparkisalongwadefromhere The trek from here on is wet.Cantpassno The bus has a sticker that says no passing. From what I have observed, honking, swerving, and flashing lights may be reasonably OK, but ineffective.Thedaurdianofzion One thing Zion has in the spring, is flowers, this one is pretty and rather fascinating in its design. Sadly, we had to leave Zion canyon, but we are very thankful to the park people who made it possible for us to see the canyon. We are sure we missed a lot, but loved what we saw. Often the journey to the attractions was the attraction.backtozionbasecamp Back at camp it is Clementine’s birthday, so travelers came from every corner of Hurricane came to see her. Pretty good crowed for a bunch of reclusive gypsies. Happily and sadly Athena missed most of the festivities, she was in the rig working. Strangely, the area around our rig developed a propane scent, kind of like the smell of diesel exhaust, and rotten garlic. A few brave souls came in and warned us of the smell, we shut off the propane until it could be looked at. So the fireworks were postponed.awaywardplanetovermyheadWell night has befallen us, and we are happily  resting under the watch of Jupiter.  Tomorrow we head to Spanish Forks Utah to see Steve Raymond. Providing we can traverse the ruts and clear the rocks and get to the top of the hill. Four wheeling is fun, but I think a Jeep is the preferred vehicle. 40′ 38,000 pounds is another box of toys.

Good Evening and Good Night…