Seaside Oregon – June 2015

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We made it to Seaside Oregon coming from Silverton,Oregon in just over three hours using I-5, 217, and Hwy 26. We left about 8:30 am and arrived here right at the Thousand Trails Check in time of 12:00 noon. Strangely this league of our journey was completely uneventful. The most difficult aspect of our journey was having to allow The Pilot station in Brooks, Oregon rob us at the pumps, they stole $200 from us at $3.14 a gallon, and all we needed was just under half a tank. We had been paying about $130 when the needle is at that point. Predicting the line item for fuel in the budget is like playing blind man’s bluff, you can come close, but never nail it.BlueHeron Leaving the thoughts of the trip behind we turn our attention to the pond in the Seaside Thousand Trails Park. Athena finds and shoots a beautiful Blue Hereon.  This pond is surrounded by a large track of grass, then forest land. Every day we have been treated by to one animal group or another such as gees, ducks, nutria, and even Roosevelt Elk at the height of their mating season.SeasideThousndTrailsRVSpace We got settled in our spot, for some reason we got our own graveled walkway from the entrance road. Hope no impaired bicyclist rides it in the night. Its painful just thinking about what the tow bar might do to him.LivinginDarknessOur car and rig fit nicely but the RV is so shaded that one can’t tell night from day inside. It has not been uncommon for Sarah to try and sleep all day.
LewisandClarkTrailOverTillamookHead We took a quick trip to the Cove and Tillamook trail head. Says Lewis and Clark passed through here. There is a history club meeting in town this weekend, that is doing a presentation suggesting that these fine explorers never made it to Oregon. Imagine what that would do to the Oregon coast economy if these people made any headway.Changing the light in our CRV Our car decided it would use radar for night driving, and burned out the light bulbs in the headlights. The car may have been comfortable with this arrangement, but at our age Athena and I were not, so we had to get physical with the car. Turns out it takes 20 minutes of You Tube video and Athena a whole lot of gymnastics to get at the drivers side light. The space is so tight the bulb barely slides past the fuse box which we tried to remove, but found that a lack of knowledge of the fuse box connection would leave the car inoperable. See how to change a headlight on a 2010 – 2013 Honda CRVRV Steps act erratically The steps on the RV started going in and out at random and turning the porch light over the door on and off, so Athena worked on these for the rest of the day. We have no clue why this is happening, but suspect a bad wire some place. To get by, the solution is simple, take the fuse outs after the steps are extended, put the fuse in to retract them for driving, then remove the fuse when the steps are in. The fuse should always be removed when the steps are in the desired position. Experiment, falling out of the RV is embarracing and can hurt. (I know, tried it)

The air-conditioner in the bedroom quit, we could hear it click when the thermostat was telling it to run, but nothing happening. The air conditioner looks great, as they say, the lights are on but no one is home. My suspicion was the mice we acquired last year ate the 110V wire, or the breaker was dead. I put a volt-ohm-meter on the breaker and it showed good, and passing power, now we were really cussing the mouse, but we had to be sure the motor on the air conditioner was good. We tested the motor by cutting the end of an extension cord and twisting those onto the 110V power leads, we then plugged to extension cord into the wall and turned on the unit at the thermostat. The air conditioner fired right up. Darn mouse anyway! After a bit of contention, I heard the voice of the ghost of Mouse Past! “Check the leads on that green circuit board – you idiot!” So I did and found the board is an EMS 760 which manages the electrical loads in the RV and shuts off appliances to conserve power. To the mouse’s satisfaction I discovered the relay governing this air conditioner had  a play date with the grim reaper, and we will need to get a new EMS 760 controller board as this one, has gone on to its reward.

With all the electronic issues of recent, is becoming apparent to me that the Bermuda Triangle encompasses Utah, Nevada and Arizona and works much like an EMP!HouseforMomandRon Back to getting our daily exercise, we took a two and a half mile hike on the Seaside Promenade which is 1.5 miles long. Mom wants to sell her Victorian home in Farmington Washington. She then want to buy a house on the West Coast. We found her the perfect little home on the beach. (Tidal waves, and tourist are excluded from our meaning of perfect) We think the owner of the house should trade her straight across. She would be downsizing, but could probably find this one livable.Houseformomandrontrade threemilewalkontheseasidepromonade We lost our steam about a mile in to the trip, we could see the end, but turning around and going back was more to our liking. I was not hungry enough to conquer the prom.oceanviewfromthepromifyourtwo We forgot what the beach looked liked from the prom when we were two. Minus the dune, this is probably exactly what we would have seen. Toddlers from everywhere on the prom are grateful to the artisans that placed these arches here, otherwise they would never be able to tolerate being off Dad’s shoulders.Sunsetsonanotherniceseasideday The sun is setting upon the beach people.Sarahpreferstowalkonsand Sarah like walking in the sand barefoot, rather than the cement prom.CanonBeachOregonThe next day, Athena and I head to Cannon Beach for a very special occasion.
SeasideCannonBeachLightHouse To see the same light house we saw on the other side of Tillamook Head in Seaside. (Nah, that was cool, but wasn’t it.)eveningsurfandcloudstakethelighthouse Ocean is having a rough evening for such a still day.CannonBeachisagrowingcomunity Seeing all the growth, and the tracks left by the police department? – Nah, that’s not it either.Beautycomesinmanyforms Now I remember, we have been successfully married since this date in 1993, they tell me that is twenty – two years, though we have one daughter that is growed up and moved out, it really seems like a short five at most to me. She has grown more beautiful, smarter, more fun, and willing to do anything it takes to ensure our families survival. I love her, because she loves me. It is my hope and desire that we are together for as long as our Lord grants us breath.HikingtheOregoncoasttrail Well, it’s another day, and great day for a Hike. We are taking to Oregon Coast Trail to Sunset beach which is said to be a quarter mile, I think their measuring wheel got stuck! It was a long walk compared to our expectations.Hikingtheoregoncoasttrailbringsonalergies Lots of flowers, these darn things are great to sniff if you get allergies. Once you inhaled these babies, nothing will seem that bad any more.hikingtheoregoncoasttrailisnotourforte
crapsunsetbeachwasovertakenby4wheeledtouristwhofortgothowtowalk We reach Sunset beach, I have never seen so many cars on an Oregon beach in all my life. Pretty soon it will be like Daytona Beach in Florida where the cars are ricked up by some enterprising young man who takes your money. I think it is like $5.00 per low tide there.WarrentonJetty We ditch the beach and go to the Jetty in Warrenton, Oregon. The weather is a cold 65 and mixed fog. Sarah got the notion that she might be a cat, made me nervous.PelicanfromCaliforniaInvadeMyJetty There were a bunch of Californians who just flew in hanging out over the surf. First it was the people migrating up here, now it is the birds. Who’s next? This global climate change thing is just going to far, stop sounding the alarm and send all these guys home before there is no land or fish left for me!Sarahstandsinasaferlocation Sarah is being good to me, the view is more enjoyable now.morebirdsfromcaliforniaIpresume More birds! Probably Californians as well…FishingbyHardySouls Dang those guys fishing out there must be hungry, or have more issues upstairs than I do. Whatever the cause, they will have a dangerous go of getting the little buggers reeled in, and get really wet!cmosbatteryG75VW Holly’s computer quit, so I tore it down to its last removable part that would not come off with out being de-soldered. Her computer is a  Republic of Gamer’s G75VW with 24GB of ram and three terabytes of drive spaced used for graphics design, and resume’s. This was a great machine, until it forgot it had hard drives and eventually an IDE controller. It was my theory that if we blew the CMOS my cutting power to the CMOS chip by removing the battery we might be able to jog the computers memory. The manual had no documentation of the CMOS battery, nor could we find anything on the net via google. So we field stripped the machine. The CMOS battery was found under the keyboard on top of the motherboard.CmosbatteryG75VWLandingPad The battery just attaches with double sided tape.CmosBatteryMotherBoardG75VW We tested the battery with our volt Ohm meter and it tested good. We attached the battery to its original home with double sided tape, and plugged it in. We then secured all the cables to the MB and reassembled the computer. The drives and all the components came up perfectly as expected. The Hard drive was missing track zero however so we did a parallel install of Windows 8, upgraded to 8.1, moved all her old data to the new OS, and made that the boot drive. Oh, what fun computers are. Save headaches and only get software from very well known reputable sources in the United States and Britain.  Watch for software you did not intend to get and don’t let it load. CNET used to be trustworthy, but they now piggy back bad stuff. Never ever use software you do not have license to. These tips will save a lot of formatting of disks and data recovery. The bad guys are getting hard to spot. This malware I am speaking of can raid your bank about, as it tracks your keys tokes, web site you visit. Stay safe use only the best software on your computer. (Public Service Announcement over.) – This rebuild took more than 40 hours to complete with diagnostic time. Is it worth your time to use only legitimate software? We bill at $50.00 an hour – you do the math…Eveningwalkonthenorthernseasidebeach Done with the computer and no other clients today, and we are back to the beach!TrackinganOddBuginthesand Sarah found a weird bug track she is following it. So far about 200 yards.NehalembarWe are following strange snake like tracks. They appear to die in the Necanicum river right where it is being engulfed by the Pacific Ocean.
Kite I found a kite. I thought it was a man hanging from a hang glider over some condos, but it is a kite with a frilly skirt.Sarastilltrackingthebug Sarah is still tracking the bug and is over a quarter mile a way. The tracks headed for an occupied fire pit, so she backed down from the chase.TheEndOfTerrafirma We reached the confluence of the Necanicum river and the Pacific Ocean, nothing but a lot of water here.change We looked across the river and saw the three houses and the clear cut the made behind our RV park. We wondered why they would waste the forest for a wonderful view of all us RV enthusiast. Now we know, they have an ocean view to die for, and they probably will when the hill the clear cut behind their houses comes down. They say you can’t have your cake and eat it to, like them, I am wondering if it is safe to settle for the icing, it all I ever wanted anyway.holeinthebeach Walking home Athena and Sarah found a hole and set to digging. I told them not to do that, one never knows who is buried in there!BeachLovers I found lovers on the beach. I know they are male and female, as one of them is barefoot. Women always take off their shoes and walk against the surf.Birdsflocktothesun Sunset is for the birdsBlackSpotonthesun The sun has a dark spot todayDeathofTheSun Must be cancer it is falling from the sky and creating fog and quite a stir in the oceanSeasideBeachSoccer We got a new sun and hundreds of thousands of people on the beach. Good thing we slept in till sunset or we would have had to share the beach with them. Unfortunately, Sarah and I went to play skee ball at the arcade and it was full of humans leading us to go someplace else.KidBalls This is a kid trap, you catch the kids and place them in those clear plastic balls and watch them run around like hamsters in a cage. What a great way to build self esteem.NationalSandSoccerTournement The reason for the deluge of humanity is the National Sand Soccer Tournament.LookingbackatSeasidefromtheHighSchool We moved our selves to the Necanicum river across the street from the Seaside High School which is much more serene.ontheriver Athena and Sarah went to the river, I stayed on a bench, had enough adventure this week.Rivermeatsthesee Snake lives in the river and left an interesting line down the center. I don’t like snakes, especially ones that big. Another reason to stay on the bench overlooking the river.SunSkinnyDipping SunPrefersPrivacyWell, we survived Seaside, mostly recovered all the electronics from the Bermuda Triangle and are here to talk about our stay. I think we are doing well, we have not fought so many at one time in years.

Have a Good Evening and a Good Night….. (Where should turn up next? Pray it is not your house…)