Pacific City Oregon – July 2015

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1 We arrive in Pacific City the weather report is sunny and 80 degrees. It’s nice but we think they are jumping the gun just a shade. We have never seen the Pacific so flat. We figure it is likely to be a good omen unless surfing is your thing. 2 No matter what they say, Athena and Sarah are happy to be back in Pacific City.3 The long rock looks like a fossilized transmission most likely left behind by one of the rigs that dug out the ocean and created the mountains many millions of years ago.4 We visit the cave under the dunes. It is colorful, but I worry about the ocean’s propensity for a visit.5 My scooter, caught fire under there. So we have to replace a battery connector, and some wires.6Took the wheel off to see in there a little better.
7 That connector burned on the right side, all the innards that hold it together are gone. Next time we will use a better connector and a more secure connection.8 Well we fixed all the junk wiring, and put it together again and forgot to take pictures. What Gives! What you have seen in the last couple of photos really is about all a Pride Legend XL contains. $4,000 sure seems steep for a motor, charger, transfer case, and wires. I guess the disabled are rich.9 Back to the lodge to watch the ocean and the demise of another evening.10 Go to bed and wake up to better days. The weather is holding according to the weather service at another beautiful sunny 80 degrees. I think Steve Martin recorded the weather forecast before going on vacation again.11 Sarah is enjoying sand Therapy12 Now this looks like the Oregon Coast13 He comes because of the rough surf. No telling what the ocean will dig up.14 Digging is the beach goer’s thing to do. It is too cold to lay under the clouds anyway.15 Wow, maybe we should move back a little. I don’t think it has been an hour since we ate.16 It is finally sunny, just what every sun worshipper prays for, but only gets for a couple months in Oregon.17 We have to come here to make all our calls when we are in Pacific City Thousand Trails. Cell Service is for the most part non-existent there.18 They should dump their employees in a more secluded area. No one one wants to watch an illegal dumping.19 Athena’s Mom came and stayed a while with us. They seemed to enjoy themselves, and I got a trip to the Cheese factory in Tillamook where I was fed a Sundae from heaven.20 The steps were still erratic, and trying to kill us by removing themselves as we exited the RV, and trying to see how many pedestrians they could strike at the shins as we drove. Athena climbed down to see what she could see. (First turn off the porch light switch, the step switch, and remove the step fuse 25A and the porch light fuse.) Prevents the loss of digits. 21 She pulled the circuit board from under the steps and cleaned every connection.22 She then cleaned the ground wires, and re secured every connection. All seems to be well for now, we will always wonder when the control box will again exercise free will rather than be the slave it was intended to be. Some times free will is of no value if we do not do what our manufacturer intended for us to do.23Last sunset in our July stay at the Pacific City Thousand Trails lodge. It has been a great stay, Tricia and Tessa came for a visit and hiked to the top of the dune, but missed the fireworks, and when we go back to the park, they had locked the man gate causing us to have to walk a bit of a distance to get back. Thank you Tricia and Tessa for your ultimate patience. You are a great family. Having Athena’s mom was a pleasure as well. Hopefully your summer plans treat you all well.


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