Sunriver Thousand Trails – Devils Triangle – July 2015

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1 Again, it is sunny and in the mid 80’s as we put in to our site in Sunriver Thousand Trails. The sunshine seams to in liquid form, and the air a bit chilly for the 80’s. Again it looks like Steve Martin may have prerecorded this forecast before leaving on his summer vacation as well. For what it is, the summer rains are most always appreciated. The trip up here from Pacific City was not without its trials. It seems that climb from the valley floor up to Bend does not agree with our rig. Last time we were in Sunriver, we were broke down for a week due to 20 percent bio diesel not agreeing with our filters. This trip introduced an entirely new problem, the engine kept getting too hot and the thermometer on the dash kept leaning really hard to the right. This engine has never ventured away from the middle and never voted anything other than independent when in came to choosing between the cool left and the super heated right. We pulled in to to Sunriver very worried about the RV’s mechanical prognosis. The robins however were thoroughly enjoying the new bodies of water forming in the what were once large dust bowls around camp. The light hearted birds, and the fact that we actually made it to Sunriver, got parked in our sight with out hitting anyone, or anything means our run to the hills was a smashing success. (On second thought, strike smashing from that sentence).2 My brother Jae showed up, he spends a weekend with us each year and we are always thrilled to have him. He is a very nice guy who cares for most every one. He still has a lot of common sense in-spite of all the college education he had to endure to earn his PHD in Microbiology.  The problem with earning an education like that, is he forgot to hang out with women, so he has yet to find a lucky women share his world with. Which make me a very lucky man as he has time to hang with me! I asked him what he wanted to see while in Bend. His vote was Crater lake, but we insisted on stopping by the Lava Cast Forest first.3 The Lava cast forest has a bunch of tree holes. Some are large enough for a grown man to climb into. They are much like this one, but larger.4 This lava flow created the holes by surrounding and burning everything it surrounds. Wood burns extremely well when subjected to hot lava.5

This tree hole is perfectly smooth, I would guess the lava managed to cool while the tree burned. Pretty cool huh?6 The Lava Cast Forest is up a forest road that is rocky and very bumpy. Turn left out of Sunriver go about 10 miles. Be sure and put all your fillings in a paper bag so you can have your dentist put them back in for you. This is well worth the dental work, but don’t forget to bring a check, or cash to pay the brown box over by the toilet for your parking. It was $5 at the time we visited, but it will go up when the Forest service find that inflation is once again rearing its ugly head. 7 We found the lake on South Century Drive, we wanted to canoe on it, but we had no canoe. The serenity can be found from shore too, but you have to pay the Forest Service $5 if you want to park.8 Jae is golfing with us. We do not know who won though as none of us were interested in keeping and remembering to keep score.9 Well, we finally made it to Crater Lake, but the Forest Service knew they had some thing here and charged a lot more than $5, but I forgot how much they wanted. We must have had enough though, they let us in!10 11 Contact me if you want this man’s phone number. He does not call women back. He is a gentleman, and gentleman don’t call people back.  (Can I say women? Or is people more politically correct?)12 These storms keep following us around. I am afraid of lighting so I keep hiding. From the looks of things I am the only one inflicted with paranoia when I hear thunder or Harley’s.13 Wizard Island14 Look at the crater wall one day this water may reach the top, boy will Kalamath falls get wet. Jae figured that there is enough water in here to keep every household from Bakersfield California to Oregon wet using their normal water consumption. The Forest Service would make a killing selling this water to California. He understands the prospective dangers of unrestrained capitalism.15 Dang! Jae left for home, but plans to keep camping and hiking which makes a day at the office worth while. Athena is getting her marketing materials together to begin her next campaign in the morning.16 Uh oh, her laptop was dead when she pulled it out of the car with her laundry, told them to take it apart clean it and put it back together and it would work. 18 I wonder how these two would have done at that game “Operation” can two work at once with out setting off the obnoxious buzzer? Would they have kept playing?  Well they took her down and rebuilt her, but she died. The lights are on, but nobody is home. The laptop has a great mind and body but we have only seen it back once after we let it sit turned on for six hours and restarted it. We only go one boot though, we grabbed our data and knew another laptop was in order. Athena shopped long and hard and when when went to see my other cool brother Randy and a short visit with Dad we picked up a new one at Best Buy. The new laptop wiped out an entire year of profits, but Athena is ready to try again.19 Well when we got back I cleaned the sides of the radiator tank looking for cracks, only found a slight evidence of a leak around the screws on the side. Other than that seems normal. So I thought the radiator should be cleaned and flushed.  Athena removed engine compartment lid and discovered a tape like substance covering the radiator, so she removed it all. Turned out to be a mylar balloon with a memorial message on it. That balloon nearly set our engine up to be memorialized. When the balloon was removed, she cleaned the radiator fins with Simple Green Professional. Engine seems to be real cool now.20 They are having a drought and there is no water in this slew. Too bad, we wanted to rent a canoe from them.21 We got home from Randy and Dad’s and the Norcold 1200 had message “No Co” (Not communicating with the cooling unit) since it was late, I just reset the fridge and went to bed. When Athena woke me up the next afternoon, she told me the fridge had no power going to it. So I went out side and opened the cover and found the recall switch was in the cut out position. I also smelled a smell like mom mopping the floor in the early 70’s, and my nostrils started burning and my eyes felt like they get when spend the day chopping onions. This – my friend – is most unpleasant. Turns out the cooling unit is shot! 22 We called ARC a mobile service to look at it and see if they were interested in processing an extended warranty. They said the would but the needed 85.00 travel and $185.00 an hour to look at it and do the paper work. They were not thrilled with “Performance Care” as they had never heard of it. The next three dealers were all the same with the warranty. Knowing the cooling unit was gone, and realizing that during the high season for RV work, we would be on our own, we decided to research our options and do a spread sheet.23 Wires to the control box have seen better days.24 Break time! Go forth into the park and shoot weird animals. After that, Sarah drove for the first time at the senior center in La Pine.25 Athena is getting her new PC up.26 Another dead object in our home, that looks like it should be usable.  I swear Bend/ Sunriver is our devil,s triangle, every time we come, random things die. 27 When Jae was here, he bought us those snazzy new camp chairs. We get more admiration of those chairs than we would if we had a Ferrari in place of the CRV. Jae, you are the camper man’s hipster.  Oh, and they are comfortable too. 28 Last night in town we spend with the Marshall explaining all the ice we have been buying. Not sure he bought our story though. He said he would be happy to see us riding out in the morning.29 We bought 30 gallons of propane and hit the road. Notice, it rises and falls with the land and nobody is happy to see you.30 Mount hood is showing it rocky self, getting down right naked on the south side. Hope God provides a double dose of winter this year so the Eco Freaks can stop freaking and doing a little relaxing.31 Hmm, Which way is the best way to Chehalis WA. (Turned out not Portland, we lost a lot of time and a lot of nerves. Construction all the way down, and had to go through some really narrow and busy streets by Mount Hood Community College. Athena is a killer driver, but not a happy camper today. Next time we will choose Hood River, it has to be better! 32 33 This is why we come to Chehalis.  Athena love Black Berries!34Late July was too early, mid August should be a berry fest this year.

Have a good evening and a great night. (Man this takes me forever, I need a typist that can get in my head with out injuring himself and make these blogs, my body would hurt less I am sure.)