Summer Comes and Summer Goes in The West

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Hydro Thermal Climate Change
1 - ThermalHydroClimateChange30 Years ago some young guy by the name of Jackson was involved in a skirmish that caused a mass clear cutting of the forest on this mountain while fighting some monsters. He used a little force, they used a little force, and before they knew it, their little battle exploded. A  supernatural force shot out of the mountain landing upon the face of the earth wiping every thing in its path completely clean. Mr. Truman’s house was right at the epicenter. His house, became the poster child of what will happen to man kind, if this global climate change is left to continue growing. Science is on the wrong road, shutting down coal, and automobiles, is not the answer. If man is to survive, the gods and their Nemesis must be appeased. We need peace in the realm of the gods, and peace on earth. To accomplish this though, we will need a real salesman that can sell the gods and their partners in crime in settling down ISIS, China, North Korea, Russia you know who we are talking about, “The axis of Evil Nations”. Once those are all in place, maybe the gods and their playmates will settle in with us humans and we can all sing Kum By Ya. Peace in the realms and on earth. Far fetched sure, but maybe Marvel could spare us some super heroes.
2 - LogsInStream The logs rolled down hill and were trapped in spirit lake while the wait decades to sink. Since these ones are not sinking, I am guessing they are not water logs.3 - MotherNatureBeginsToHeal Mother nature is healing her wounds forming glaciers in the foggy areas, and year around streams feeding Spirit Lake.4 - Spirit Lake Spirit Lake thought to be gone forever, is now a monument under Mt. St. Helens on the northern side. Don’t feel badly for Harry Truman, his home had tunnel leading to the secret realm of a Lonely goddess named Calypso where the two have been happily shacking up since the blast. Since Calypso has been banish to the realm, she is always happy for male visitors, which made it easy for Mr. Truman to steal her heart. As for us, we are lucky enough to be roaming around the face of the planet with no more super powers than those afforded to us by our car. For now, Mt. Saint Helens can heal, and we are going make use of our superpower other wise known as the “Honda CRV” and make the trek home.5 - MikeandNikkiArriveWithTheirNewTruckandTrailerOur Friends Mike and Nikki arrived in Chelahis with their new truck and trailer. They purchased the perfect RV truck match. They got a Ford F450 dually and a 40′ Carriage C-Force trailer. Mike matched the truck and the trailers weight about the best we have seen. He did have to work to get this combo. The truck was purchased in Colorado, and the trailer in Washington, and the hitch assembly in Idaho. Matching a truck and trailer does not come easy. It is expected that it will pay dividends though. The good part is, we spent a great few days visiting and sharing supper with them before it came our turn to head a bit more south and west.6 - WeHaveToLeave We are beginning to look look like a bus with luggage outside. We better not do this near a bus depot, we have no way to collect fare.7 - ChehalisThousandTrails Wave good buy to Chehalis, we will miss this place, but are looking forward to level parking spaces for the RV in in our near future.8 - ComputerOverHeated Here is the reason the blogs take a long time to produce. My computer quit booting. The only way it would work was to leave it plugged for days, then reboot. Just not working for me. I read it needed to solder re-flowed over the HP Pavilion DV7 North and South Bridge. To do this, they say put it the oven at 450 degrees to melt the solder. After doing this 19 out of 20 HP Pavilion DV7’s will run like a champ,9 - ConvectionOvenInRv Well, I preheated the oven to 450, then shoved the main board in the oven for 20 minutes. Waited about 20 minutes for the solder to set and reassembled the laptop. At great surprise, the laptop instantly booted! Five minutes later though, it turns off. Is the laptop just half baked? Or is the board just too hot? We got that new freezer from the last blog, it turns our ice cream into flavored concrete. Wonder what it would do for a half baked laptop?10 -BoatingInSeaside Steve and Shari Stone showed up Athena and Sarah went boating with them. They seemed directionally challenged.11 - BoatingGoneWrong This looks like an insurance nightmare to me. (No wonder our RV insurance was doubled) I just thought my handsome face was turning to hair and leather and was not doing it for the receptionist anymore.12 - BoatingFreeatLast The boat people seem to be getting the hang of it, as I result, I get an hour of quiet time on the boardwalk in Seaside, Oregon.13 - ThisIsNotSmogAndWeAreNotInCalifornia The Seaside beach is looking very Cali-fornicated. There is smog (Or in our case smoke from all the fires set around Oregon and Washington by well meaning ISIS freedom fighters) and tons of people here from the Willamette valley escaping the heat from the fires. If this were actually California, the only way to cross the beach would be to step from head to head. We don’t think they mind others walking on their heads, being so crowded, they are used to it. In Oregon, stepping on an other’s head is considered rude and you might get beat up.Good thing our beaches at their worst are not yet that crowded.14 - BatteryRusselWe took on another member of the family (Kind of) and took her to Battery Russel. It was built in the 30’s to keep hostile forces from entering the United States via the Pacific Ocean.15 - WarrentonArmyOutPost My younger brother and I used to play here for hours on end in the 70’s. There are many rooms in here all dark and damp. We sometimes soldiers, Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers, and all of the above when we had friends. Those were the days when one could run and play without fear of prosecution.16 - Girls My kids play too, somehow things are different today.17 - SinkIsLeaking The kitchen sink is leaking. Not much to say about that, it is just a pain in the side you sit on. We replaced the faucet because it was leaking too. We put in a Glacier Bay from Home Depot at about $100.00, was super easy to install, had all the tools, looks good, and is really nice to use. The leaky connections below we just cut out and tossed in the trash. We bought shark bite brand sink valves and pushed them on to the pex tubing. We replaced the entire assembly in under half an hour. For now, we sing praises to Shark Bite and Glacier Bay.18 - ToTheBeachWithTheStones Steve Stone and kids are looking for shells in the surf. They had a good time and got wet, seems there were no shells, but they seemed to forget they were looking.19 - HoleInTheGround Danielle and Sarah are digging a hole. I once heard if you find you are digging yourself into a hole, stop digging! I think somehow they like their hole, and it does seem perfectly harmless, and it’s completely legal in Oregon, unlike some states like Massachusetts! So, they will just keep digging.20 - PeterIredale Athena and Sarah, some of my favorite Sims characters are exploring an ancient stranded ship. There is wood that has survived the century being beaten by waves, and heavy storms, not to mention the deluge of tourist over the annals of time.21 - DensityOfRust How dense is rust? Is there a portal to another world around here anywhere?22 - TheyDontBuildThemLikeTheyUsedTo Bones of rotting history23 - SomeThingHappenedAndTheWeatherChanged We arrive in Pacific city. Just the three of us now, nothing to say, but it is raining.24 - TwoInchesOfRainandTheCarIsNotCleanTwo inches, and the car is still dirty! That much water and I would have expected something useful from it.24 - TheEarthsLargestCessPool
We head down to see the world’s largest cesspool and boy does it stink! No matter, Athena and Sarah decide to play in it any way.25 - ConnectingTwoBoddies They make a ditch and connect two streams together. Too much water backs up wrecks the dams, so Sarah buys time with shovel while Athena digs a relief canal to relieve the pressure permanently without draining the channel. I guess they are good engineers, their scheme worked.26 - ParagliderHeadsOutToSea A man riding a polyester thing connected to him with string out over the ocean. You could not get me to do that. I am sure my life insurance excludes stupid!27 - DangerInTheCrack Athena and Sarah go to see what is up in the crack. I was afraid of that to. (The tide is coming in and the sea is stormy). They saw giant waves crashing into the crack trying to break through only to dissolve back into the sea, behind them I saw growing waves trying to trap them at the mouth of the crack. I was glad when they decided that scaring me was not much fun, and came back to take me home.28 - DeathOnTheShores There are hundreds of these birds on the beach near our RV, that is why the beach stinks. I read on google they have been washing up on Oregon Beaches yearly sense 2011. The Oregonian and KATU tell us they are dead because El nino  caused a certain fish they eat not to migrate north and the birds are starving to death. If this is the case why is the species not extinct? El-nino changes direction approximately every seven years.29 - WhoMadeTheSunset Off the beach we walk a trail in Pacific City Thousand Trails to see the bench the Pacific City Ramblers built to allow people to sit and smooch while the sun is setting. Be careful after sunset the trail is steep and dark, you could fall into the sea right behind the sunset.30 - ParadiseAnCellHell Doesn’t this look like Paradise? It really is, unless you are a cell phone in which case you are really isolated.31 - WeHaveaVisitor Jae came to see us. We went to the Oar House for supper, then a nice walk on the beach.32 - WebbStatePark 33 - BeachAngels 34 - ErasingFootStepsInTheSand Surf’s up!35 - GhostShips I don’t know what this boats are, but they are traveling at about 20 knots equal distance between the ships, headed north. Interesting none the less. Possibly a rogue ghost ship being brought back to port on the order of the great white witch within the governor’s mansion.36 - LaborDaySunSetOnPacificCityAs usual, we end with another sunset. The beach is loaded with college age kids from all over the west coast converging for a christian conference leaving Pacific City swamped after a long Labor Day Weekend.


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