Final Days in Oregon, Fall 2015, What We Saw and What We Thought

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Marijuana seems to be the plant of discussion in Oregon as of late. This, my friend, is not Marijuana, it is a far more interesting exotic plant native to the Southern Oregon Coast. This is a flesh eating plant that we discovered in Florence Oregon. What a beautiful vegetable!AuntsBeTheWare The last plant you will ever venture into if you are a fly, one long slow death nourishes these naturally radiant beings to excellent health. What is a total mystery to me is why every feed lot, back yard, and RV park does not have a million of them planted around where flies might live. This is the ultimate in bio warfare!  Don’t forget, you first saw this on Rollingshoebox, before it was all the rage. Get yours now

FlorenceDarlingtoniaFleshEatingPlant FlorenceGodsWallPaper FlorenceIrradescentPlants CapeMearsSeaMonsterA short drive to Cape Mears just west of Tillamook we found a giant fossilized sea monster. I fear he would have been a very formidable opponent to our fishing fleets in his day. Now the only threat he poses is by his presence on stormy nights.
CapeMearsLightHouseA wonderful addition to our coastal system was this light house which protected us from the sea monster’s stone cold body. Today the light house has been replaced by what they say is a much higher and accurate technology referred to by those in the know as “The Force”. How space age of them!?
BuyingaPurseforaWomen1400milesaway Time to pause and scout the water front shops in Florence for a purse for Holly. So many choices, will we make the right choice? Fashion is always hard to choose for some one else provided they are into that sort of thing. Function over form is kind of our style, but Holly has a higher calling, she is employed in a very large city. Poor Kid!FlorenceWearNowSoftmores Sarah passed her Freshman year in the Khan Academy and this was not easy, she had to master all subjects at or near 100% in order to move on. For those looking for a great math science and history program for home schooler’s, this is great. It was founded and in large part financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation so was designed to solid from the ground up.FourGenerationsOfWomen We celebrate Sarah’s accomplishment by visiting her 94 year old great-grand mother in Albany, Oregon. Four Generations of women all on one couch. Beauty really does start at the top and get passed down.munsonfalls If in Pacific City or Tillamook, Munsen Falls is the place to go. The Road in is about three miles long, and each pot hole, is just as deep as the road is long. Plan about an hour’s drive from Tillamook. The walk in to the falls is a about half a mile. The falls, especially in the fall are worth every bent front end component on your car, tormentous bladder pain with the drop of the wheels in the pits on the road, and each foot step up the path ending in heavenly bliss.CapeMearsOctopusTreeAt Cape Mears State Park, there is a 300 year old tree called the octopus tree. This tree now has only seven tentacles as father time deleted one. They think that Native Americans treated the little sapling as a Bonsai tree and formed it this way over time. There is no actual record of this however.
CapeMearsOctopusTreeInTheMaking We wondered about the park and found dozens more trees similar to Octopus Tree. Our conclusion is they are wrong; the octopus tree was created through natural selection. Probably multiple seeds taking root forming a single foundation, but yet many branches that are actually derived from each separate seed. Natural selection versus Intelligent Design seems to be a frustrating topic in today’s world mostly, because both systems of development are at work in varying degrees. Life, really is a form of many shades of grey.Florenceatitsbest Florence bridge and dunes from old town. No wonder Grandpa lived here so long. Some day, may I can live under that bridge.FlorenceRoughWeather Storm came in, so the ocean is rough.SlideOutMotor The slide out is being a little bit of a sluggard and requires more power to move it. So we are looking for a way to get this motor. So far the only one we have found is over $300.00SlideOutMotorAssembly FlorenceJettySavesTheDayThe storm cleared, the seas are rough, but the jetty smoothes it all out.FlorenceADayatthebeachMike, Nikki and family are enjoying the beach with us. We spent nearly two weeks with them. They introduced us to some interesting foods, and shared so many cool things about them with us. I only hope they enjoyed us as much as we did them.
Closeofthedaynowwhat SundownFlorenceAseasonofweatherontheroofFall roof maintenance, not fun, but Athena does it anyway.
BigMoonSalemOregon The moon rises above the Salem Oregon DMV. Boy Do we get aroundFlorenceOregonLunerEclipse Some reason some stars lined up, and the one we live on caused the moon to darken. It seems so prophetic somehow.SalemOregonMoonSears The stars line up, and Sears seems to be in the picture. I wonder what they said the would do when the stars line up? We make it a point never to make promises, the planets might at some point demand fulfillment.RedSkyAtNightReadRedNight Red Sky at night, sailors delightRedskybigoceanWe are glad there was not a red sky in the morning, this is impressive enough.
OurLastStopbeforeAimingSouth We saw Mom and Ron and all my family save one at the beach house. No pictures were taken there that can be posted on the web. My family likes to more or less approach the web in a non visual manner. Nonetheless, we all had a good time and it was a great chance to say goodbye before leaving for the winter months. Thanks to everyone that made this possible. Now we spend a couple of nights at Emerald Valley RV Park in Jefferson, Oregon so we can say goodbye to more family.WhyWeHeadSouth We got a sample of the rain that will soon come and eternally bathe the Northwest for several months to come. The rain is much needed by the land, but not by us.WhyWeHeadSouthLeisurely

This, is part of what make the Oregon rains beautiful and the state a little harder to leave. The Lord really knew what he was doing when he created the rainbow. If now only the Irish would perfect that pot of gold thing. Financially we have yet to benefit from a rainbow.


Well Have a good evening and a good night.  Hopefully the next time we write, we will be in The San Fransikco area.